Knotts Berry Farm Review

Knotts Berry Farm is definetly one of the more well known and better Cedar Fair Parks. The park has some really good coasters. Xcelerator is a fantastic coaster with one of the best launches of all time, Ghostrider and Silver Bullet, while they may not be the best of their class, they are fun rides, and they do have a Schwarzkoph Shuttle Loop, which are starting to become very rare rides. Their flat ride collection is Ok, hosting a really tall S&S Drop Tower, a semi-decent frisbee, and other fun rides. Now the park used to have a lot more charm and atmosphere to it, but Cedar Fair stripped most of it, which is a big complaint among coaster enthusiasts. Now I like charm and all, but I still do enjoy Knotts Berry Farm, despite the destruction of charm that happened in most of the park. And lets give credit where its due. Knotts is really bringing back the charm that it stripped back. They're focusing on smaller rides, revamping old structures, and giving the park a really nice atmosphere. So if you're in Southern California, definetly give Knotts a visit. You'll have fun, and thats whats most important of all.


1. Roller Coasters

2. Flat Rides

3. Dark Rides

4. Water Rides

5. Water Park

6. Dining

7. Theming and other Attractions

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Flat Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Flat Rides at Knotts Berry Farm. Now Knotts used to be great in the flat ride department, as they had two awesome flat rides. Hammerhead and Tapico Tumbler, both of which are now gone. There's a clone of Tapico Tumbler at Nickelodeon Universe, and until recently, there was a Hammerhead clone as well (The world really hates that type of flat ride). It also had a Windseeker from 2011 to 2013. Yeah, that didn't last long due to an accident and then they moved it to Worlds of Fun. Oh, and there used to be an upcharge Screaming Swing. Ok, Onto Knotts Current Flat Rides. First up, Supreme Scream. Well first off, Supreme Scream is a decent drop tower. I like it and will almost always ride it when I go to Knotts and is by far, my favorite flat ride at Knotts. However, for it's huge size, it's actually not that intimidating. True, you've got the intimidating pop at the top, but you never really get the true feeling of falling like you do on the Intamin 2nd Generation Drop Towers. But the good news, because of it's height, you get a FANTASTIC VIEW!!!! You can see everything at Knotts from it. Not only that, but you can also see Tower of Terror at the Disneyland Resort from it. But that's not even the coolest thing you can see from Supreme Scream. If you sit in the right seat, have a sharp eye, and it's not too smoggy, you can see the L.A skyline and the Hollywood Sign from Supreme Scream. Now that is f*cking cool. Their Frisbee, La Revolution is pretty mediocre, though to be fair, the program is definetly better than it used to be. While its still a lame frisbee, I've been on a worse one. The Pirate Ship there is typical, The Chairswings are typical. The Tea Cups there suck since it's hard to spin them. Ok, up next is Ok, up next is Wipeout. This is a fun little ride that provides you with some nice lateral Gs. Overall, Knotts has a semi decent flat ride collection. It's not bad, but it certainly could use some improvement. But Cheer Up Knotts. You're doing better in the Flat Ride Department than Six Flags Magic Mountain is.

This is Supreme Scream. Knott's Drop Tower.

Dark Rides

Now some of you may not be expecting much since dark rides at parks that aren't of Disney Quality tend to be...average or mediocre. But nope! Not at Knotts Berry Farm. Here, the dark ride is just as good as the top dark rides at Disney Parks or any of the high quality European Parks. Yeah, Voyage to the Iron Reef may not sound like an amazing dark ride, but Knotts really did a great job with this ride and it fits in with the park perfectly. It has a unique and intersting story as Knotts Berry Farm is being flooded and attacked by these steampunk mechanic aquatic creatures that you have to shoot in order to fight and destroy the Kraken Queen. It has a ton of fun spinny action and is just a ton of fun shooting at all the stuff. Plus, I enjoy seeing all the hidden Knotts Berry Farm Easter Eggs. It's just a great dark rides and a perfect fit for Knotts Berry Farm.

Trust me. It's a great dark ride.

Water Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Water Rides at Knotts Berry Farm. While their water ride collection isn't bad, its sad cause it used to be SO MUCH BETTER!!!! Knotts used to soar with flying colors in the Water Ride Department. Why? They used have one of the greatest water rides on the face of the Earth. Perilous Plunge. Can you say ejector air? This ride was just awsome. It managed to grab the #3 spot on my Top 10 Water Rides List and you can see my raw footage of the ride here. Now there's only one ride like it left in the world. Suddenly, I want to go to Wales and visit Oakwood. But bitterness about the removal of Perilous Plunge aside, its still a good water ride collection. Timber Mtn Log Ride is a really fun log ride with some nice theming inside and a good final drop. And it doesn't get you that wet. While it's no Splash Mtn, It's still a great log ride. And be sure to raise your hands throughout the entire ride, you'll be laughing your asses off if you do. =) But the one thing they could really benifit from is a place to soak unsuspecting fools like Six Flags Magic Mountain used to have with Log Jammer (I really wish that they kept Log Jammer). =( That would be a great way to earn money Cedar Fair. And then there's Bigfoot Rapids. That is just a typical River Raft Ride. There arn't that many elements to it. So that ride sucks. But still, Knotts still has a decent Water Ride Collection with a good log flume and a crappy river rapids ride.

Make sure you keep your arms raised at all times on this ride. =)

Water Park
(Soak City)

Here is the review of Knotts Berry Farm's water park. Soak City. While technically not a part of Knotts Berry Farm, Soak City is just across the street and contains many different water slides. The water park is easilly noticed by its very colerful assortion of water slides. While it isn't too special, it's still a fun water park. Many of their star attractions are clones of popular water slides at other Southern California Water Parks. For instance, their biggest and best water slides is pretty much just a clone of the nearby Taboo Tower at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (part of Six Flags Magic Mountain).

The Major Waterslides

There is a link to a review of all the Major Waterslides at Soak City.

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All the Other Waterslides

Here are the reviews of all the other water slides at Soak City. All right. Let's start out with the best water slide that doesn't have its very own review yet. Storm Watch. This is one of the white slide complex of some dark enclosed tube slides. It's pretty fun. Not crazy or anything super special, but it's got some nice laterals and is just an overall fun tube slide. And speaking of fun tube slides, let's move onto the next slide complex, Malibu Run. Now Malibu Run consists of 4 slides. Heavy Swell and Rimcon are the two completely enclosed slides, Dropoff is half enclosed and half open, and Wave Chaser is completely open. Dropoff is tame, but the other ones are fun. I particuarly like Heavy Swell as you get some nice laterals and speed on that one. And there's some good wall time on Wave Chaser as well. But that's the most popular one since people are apparently afraid of the dark.

Hey. This tube slide is pretty fun.


Here are the reviews of all the Resteraunts at Knotts Berry Farm. Now, the food at Knotts is really interesting. For the most part, all they've got is typical amusement park crap. Which for the most part is fine thanks to the fact that that's what most amusement parks serve nowadays. But the prices for this food is just terrible. It's bad. Really bad. I know that you're supposed to jack up the price for food at an amusement park, but jeez guys, there are limits you guys. I mean, $8.00 to UPGRADE to a combo, that is just f*cking insane!!!!! Well, I learned my lesson. Next time, walk over to the McDonalds nearby. However, There are some good things about the dining at Knotts Berry Farm. First off, this place offers you something you can't get at any other amusement park. Berry Punch!!! It's a really good drink that I order everytime I go there. The other good thing about the dining options at Knotts Berry Farm is Mrs. Knott's Famous Chicken. This Restaurant is awsome. Hell, this resteraunt is what made Knotts Berry Farm what it is today, so that says something about the food. While you wait for your food here, you get some biscuts and jam so you don't starve to death. Once your chicken and potatoes come, then you just chow down (That is, if you get chicken and potatoes). This restaurant has a nice, quiet, and relaxing atmosphere. And finally, I like ending a good meal with a slice of Boysenberry Pie. And while that's just what I order, the restaurant has a wide variety of food and I highly recomend it to anyone going to Knotts Berry Farm. And not only that, but unlike all the other dining options at Knotts, the food at Mrs. Knotts is actually *gasp* Not overpriced!!!!! In fact, I paid the same price for my meal at Mrs. Knotts as I did for the typical amusement park crap I paid for lunch. And keep in mind that the food at Mrs. Knotts is not only 20 times better than the food in the park, but they quadruple the amount of food that you get. So yeah. That says A LOT about the price of the rest of the food at Knotts. In fact, Knotts Berry Farm actually managed to take the #10 spot on our Top 10 Theme Park Dining Options List just for Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner Resteraunt. So while I'd stay away from most of the food at Knotts, go to Mrs. Knotts and drink Boysenberry Punch. It's totally worth it.

You are not seeing things. It literally costs $8.00 to upgrade to a f*cking combo.

Eat here. The food here is actually delicous, cheap, and high quality.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at Knotts Berry Farm. Knotts does have some decent theming in Ghost Town. But there's not that much theming anywhere else. Camp Snoopy is a decent childrens area with a decent kiddy coaster. Timberline Twister (See the Timberline Twister Review for more details). There is still a little theming left in Ghost Town left from the days before Cedar Fair. Thats pretty cool to check out. But they're bringing back more theming to Ghost Town. They do have the Wagon Show in Ghost Town, which while its not the best show ever, is fun to watch with some very corny lines. And they just re-did the Boardwalk and that looks really nice. So that's definetly cool.

The little bit of charm left in Knotts Berry Farm.

In Conclusion

Knotts is a very fun park to visit with some good rollercoasters, good food, and a great water ride. Yeah, there's not as much charm as there once was, but I still find Knotts to be a really fun theme park. Defiently give it a visit if you're in the L.A Area.

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - Yes, There's a maximum height limit of 69 inches. Anyone below that is good. Anyone above is screwed in getting the credit.


*The back of the park is usually empty during the morning. So, If you're going on a busy day and want lots of rides on Xcelerator, get there in the morning!!! (Ghostrider and Silver Bullet have lines all day).

*If you want to avoid crowds all together, Go during a weekday in October. Not during Knotts Scary Farm, but just there during the day. NO ONE is there.

*For Ghostrider, GET THE BACK!!!!! (Warning, Ghostrider is starting to get pretty rough.)

*Raise your hands while riding Timber Mtn Log Ride.

*If the last time you went to Knotts was in 1997 or earlier, be prepared to see some major changes.

*Have Fun!!!

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