Top 10 Theme Park Dining Options List

Welcome to an Incrediblecoasters Top 10 List. When we list stuff, we actually explain why. Theme Park Dining Options. When most of us think of theme park dining options, we all think of typical amusement park crap. Pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers, these are at the staple of the theme park and are the staples of typical amusement park crap. While not necesarrily bad, typical amusement park crap is pretty typical, low quality, and if you go to theme parks as often as I do, it gets REALLY old REALLY fast. Now, typical amusement park crap can come in varying different degrees from really good to really bad, though once you eat enough of it, you don't want anything to do with it. I have to eat it when I am working at SFMM since I eat at Oasis, the park cafeteria, and thats what they serve. However, I got sick of it to the point where I don't even eat it when we take visits to SFMM anymore. Nowadays, we'll go to a place like Chick A Fil, Tommy Burgers, or even just Wetzel Pretzals at the Valencia Mall, all of which are much better than typical amusement park crap. However, we sometimes forget about the parks that don't serve up typical amusement park. These parks serve some really good food that goes out and beyond that actually makes us want to eat the actual food that the park serves, which is quite helpful. So, if you want to grab something to eat, go ahead because we'll be looking at 10 different parks in America with some of the best dining options. These are the Top 10 Theme Park Dining Options.




















Knotts Berry Farm
Buena Park, California, U.S.A

Now for the most part, Knotts Berry Farm does not deserve to be anywhere near this list. Not only is most of the food at the park just typical amusement park crap, but the prices they serve it at are outgrageous!!! And that's by typical amusement park standards, which are outrageous enough!!! (This is a standard where a $10.00 meal is a good deal.) Hell, because of these prices, we walk to the McDonalds nearby for lunch. So this leads to the question, Why the hell is Knotts Berry Farm even on this list at all? One simple reason. Mrs. Knotts Chicken Resteraunt. This resteraunt serves some seriously awesome food. The Rolls that they first serve you must be filled with cocaine, because I end up eating like 10 of them, and they are that good. They have their own drink, Boysenberry Punch, which is unique to Knotts Berry Farm, and very good, and is avaliable all throughout Knotts Berry Farm. The chicken they serve itself is very tasty, and is definetly very good, and not only that, but this resteraunt has a wide variety of options to choose from. And yes, all of them are very good. And don't forget the pie. Mmm. Pie. *drool* And the best part, its actually decently priced!!! In fact, the price for all these biscuits, unlimited refills on drinks, an appetizer, a main meal, and a slice of pie, is the same price as a typical amusement park crap meal in the park. and here, you get quadruple the amount of food thats 100 times better!!!! So yeah, that also explains how bad it is inside the park. Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner, it's good enough to start Knotts Berry Farm, and good enough to give it a spot on the Top 10 Theme Park Dining Options List.




















West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

Unlike Knotts Berry Farm, Kennywood has great food at fair prices all throughout the park. Good food is pretty much everywhere in this park. However, the best food in the park is without a doubt, the Potato Patch Fries. Now as for what the Potato Patch Fries are, they're simply just french fries, with cheese and bacon bits. And that kicks major ass. The French Fries are made from freshly peeled potatoes, none of this frozen crap that most parks give you when they serve you their french fries. And while some parks will cry that they have fresh fries as a marketing gimmick, Kennywood proves it to you by making the fries in front of your face as seen here. So that alone proves that they're not typical amusement park crap, but then they add the cheese, which is hot and melty, and bacon bits. And bacon is just about the greatest food ever, so adding it makes anything a million times better. So yeah, this is some pretty awesome food. Kennywood. Here, the fries are a meal, not a sidedish.


Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal City, California, U.S.A

Universal Studios Hollywood may have a lot of things to improve on, but I will admit that they are doing a damn good job when it comes to giving people food. The park has several resteraunts inside that all look really good. And then of course, we have Citywalk, which alone, has several resteraunts that have serveral tasty things to eat. For my meal, I chose to eat at the Flinstones BBQ, which served BBQ, and other stuff. I ended up getting chilli in a bread bowl since it was a bit cheaper than the other menu items, which included ribs. And it was really good chilli. It was tasty, and it was something that most parks do not offer. And they just have so much to choose from. Hell, just for snacking, go into the Simpsons Gift Shops, and you can get a giant pink doughnut, as well as a Duff Energy Drink and a Flaming Moe. Yeah, they're expensive as hell, and not worth it the second time around, but hey. They at least have cool options to choose from. So yeah, Universal Studios Hollywood is doing a great job in the food department.




















Coney Island
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A

As one of the oldest amusement parks out there, Coney Island has a lot of charm to it, and that extends to the food they serve. Mostly, they serve a lot of typical amusement park crap, however, that doesn't matter, for they have a food gem right in the park alone. They have the original Nathans Hot Dogs. Yep. They have the one that started it all. I love the entire Nathans Hot Dog Chain. They have some really good hot dogs and I hate California for not having them. LAME!!!!!!!!! =( But oh well. We have In'N'Out, and that makes us even, or hell, that makes us better. In'N'Out > Nathans Hot Dogs. But anyways, I love Nathans Hot Dogs, and Coney Island has the original, which is a jackpot for epicness. This original has some menu items that most of the Nathans Hot Dog chain resteraunts don't have such as Orangeade, and most importantly, the Bacon Hot Dog. As shown above, the Bacon Hot Dog is simply epic. It is simply smothered in bacon and hot cheese, making it without any doubt, the best hot dog ever, and definetly one hell of a meal that most amusement parks should serve. I mean, screw the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog!!!! If you really want a bacon hot dog, you get this. It's the only thing that satisfys.




















Busch Gardens Tampa
Tampa, Florida, U.S.A

Yeah, the dining options they have here at Busch Gardens Tampa are awesome. I mean, they have something good in just about every corner of this park. It's all tied in with the awesome theming of this park, and it is all very tastey. I ended up getting the ribs over by Sheikra, and they were really really good. The sauce they were served in was sweet and tangy as well as had fresh meat. It was a high quality meal in a high quality park. And that was just the ribs at the Zambia BBQ. I'm betting that there's all sorts of great food all around the park. So yeah, Busch Gardens Tampa is a big win in the food department. Not too much else to say about the food here other than it's awesome. So yeah, definetly be sure to check out the food at Busch Gardens Tampa.




















Elysberg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

While the other stuff we've listed was good and all, this where the parks we list on our Top 10 List go from good to freaking fantastic, and nothing is as freaking fantastic as the food at Knoebels. Now, Knoebels has a great reputation for its food, winning all sorts of awards for their food. And I must admit, they're all right. Knoebels has awesome food. The one place I ate at Knoebels and what is probably their most well known food place, Cesaris Pizza. I must admit, it is indeed really great pizza, and keep in mind, I know good pizza when I taste it. I've taken Scotts Pizza Tour in New York City, so I can safely say that this is good pizza and totally worth the money, which BTW is worth noting. This place is freaking cheap!!! While Knotts Berry Farm back west charges you $8 to upgrade your $8 burger to a combo meal, Knoebels has this entire much higher quality meal for only $3.75!!!! That's f*cking amazing. And that's only the food I ate at Knoebels. The stuff I've heard about from others sounds mouth watering good. Yeah, don't just eat a meal at Knoebels, be sure to snack your way around the park. It'll totally be worth it and won't burn a hole in your pocket due to the actually decent prices. =)




















Disneyland Resort
Anaheim, California, U.S.A

Now I will come out and admit it, the prices at the Disneyland Resort SUCK!!! That's a fact, though to be fair, they're still not as bad as at Knotts Berry Farm. But give the Disneyland Resort some credit for its dining. They've got a lot of options for you to eat good food around the resort. Yeah, I know that the Disneyland Resort does sell typical amusement park crap throughout the park, They've also got some really good and high quality resteraunts. Well, first off, they've got Storytellers, which is a personal favorite of ours at Incrediblecoasters and is our official resteraunt of the Disneyland Resort. But its not the only good park in the resort. They've also got many good sitdown resteraunts in Downtown Disney including Naples, the Rainforest Cafe, the ESPN Zone, and many other resteraunts. But even just throughout the Dinseyland Resort, they have really good Disneyland only snacks throughout the resort, such as the Dole Whip, which is freaking amazing. All this, plus just a really wide variety of options gives the Disneyland Resort the #4 spot on this countdown.




















Universal Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida, U.S.A

Like the Disneyland Resort, the Universal Orlando Resort also has a lot of typical amusement park crap in it as well. But luckily, they have quite a wide variety of dining options to enjoy as well. The most recognizable of these to coaster enthusiasts would without a doubt, be Mythos. It has recieved incredibly high ratings as being on of the best amusement park resteraunts of all time. However, lately, the reviews have been saying that Mythos is starting to slide downhill and may be Harry Potterfied to fit within the New Harry Potter Section of Islands of Adventures. But from what I've heard, the Harry Potter has good food in there as well, selling pumpkin juice, butterbeer, and Berties Botts Every Flavor Beans. Now I've also heard that the lines to try these items is f*cking ridicolous and would not be tolerated by Incrediblecoasters if the wait times are as long as I've heard, but it is still cool nevertheless to see the Universal Orlando Resort try out new food and have more options. And of course, there's always Citywalk, which has all sorts of great options.




















Silver Dollar City
Branson, Missouri, U.S.A

Known for its Southern Style food, Silver Dollar City has some of the best food you can possibly get at an amusement park. Nothing here is bad, nothing here is crap, it is all really cool, creative, and tastey. Well first of all, you know of the giant skillets of food that they serve in the park. That is just freaking amazing. Everythings fried, and covered in oil, and man does it taste so good. I only had the leftover scraps of this, and it was a better deal than most meals at amusement parks alone. That tells you about the quality of the food. The park also has much more interesting food including pork rinds, ostritch jerky among many other exotic animals, coke with real sugar in glass bottles, and of course, the official meal they served us was amazing and included fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, spiced peaches, coke, and a slice of lemon meruigne pie. That's a meal I'd pay at a resteraunt, not the type of meal I'd get in an amusement park. But of course, I can't forget about the Cinammon Bread. OH MY GOD!!! SO F*CKING GOOD!!!!! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING AND I MEAN AMAZING!!!!! I could eat an entire loaf of this stuff, and is enough of a reason alone to make me want to go back to Silver Dollar City. So yeah, this sounds amazing and all, and it is. But it's still just the #2 spot. Which means something out there is even better than all that I mentioned. And that would be...




















Walt Disney World Resort
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, U.S.A

All right. This just had to make the #1 spot. I mean, Epcot alone gives the Walt Disney World Resort this spot for all its amazing pavilions. While I only ate at the Mexico and France Pavilions, they seriously were really f*cking good. The Mexico Pavilion had some of the best Mexican Food I ever had in my life, and keep in mind that I'm from Southern California, where I'm surrounded by good Mexican Food, especially in Ventura. So I mean it when I say it. The France Pavilion was good, interesting, and much better than typical amusement park crap. And then of course, we have Club Cool which lets you try soda from all around the world. Try the Chinese Watermelon Soda and the Mexican Apple Soda. Those kick major ass, and everything except the Beverly tastes good. And thats just Epcot. MGM Studios has Prime Time Cafe, which does a great job replicating a stereotypical 50s Family Meal, and of course, outside the resort, the dining options are just endless. In fact, one of the best meals I ever had in my life was at the Citricos Resteraunt in the Grand Floridian Hotel which was freaking amazing. And of course, there are countless other options, including Fine Dining to choose from. Yeah. All the other parks may have great food, but only the Walt Disney World Resort offers f*cking fine dining. So yeah. There's no doubt when we say that the Walt Disney World Resort has the best dining options of any theme park in the world.



















So now I'm sure you know what you're thinking. "Wow. That was the list. That is so wrong." Well no. This is just the current list. I haven't eaten at every single theme park, so until I do, this list is innacurate for a world wide description. There are still many parks I have yet to visit and try the dining at the park. And even when I do eat at a theme park, I don't try everything. So maybe when I ate at X park, I ate the hamburgers, and they tasted like sh*t, so X Park did not make the list. However, X Park Fanboy tells me that I'm wrong because I did not eat the tacos, which are freaking amazing apparently, so now X Park is apparently wrongly neglected in the Top 10 Theme Park Dining Options list because instead of eating their tacos for lunch, I instead decided to try their hamburgers. I mean, if something is highly rated enough, I will try and eat it. For instance, the Cinnamon Bread at Silver Dollar City is highly ranked by enthusiasts everywhere because, yeah. It's THAT good. However, many great places to eat, such as Storytellers, are not passed on through enthusiast to enthusiast, so they won't eat there. So the tacos at X Park simply don't have the advertising to be well known, leaving them to be a hidden gem. And then of course, people have different tastes and certain people can't stand certain things. David & Britanny can't stand meat, Celeste has all sorts of odd food preferences, and quite frankly, anything with egg in it makes me want to vomit. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE EGGS!!!!!!!!!!! They are disgusting. Oh, and milk, spicy foods, mint, black coffee, jager, and most seafood is pretty bad as well. So obviously, your taste will definetly effect how you rank a park in their dining options. So for instance, if the tacos at X Park that I'm neglecting are Egg Tacos, then no f*cking wonder I skipped them. That's disgusting. Wouldn't even give it a chance. Not putting X Park on the list is totally justifiable. (In case you don't know, I made X Park up. No such park serves Egg Tacos. They're all smart enough to know that that's just plain disgusting.) But yeah, that'd totally effect the list. But any one of these parks has good food. So if you're ever at one of these parks, don't go off and have a picnic in your car or go off to a nearby resteraunt, stay and check out these great dining options. (Knotts only applies for dinner at Mrs. Knotts. DEFINETLY do that for the rest of their food.)