Timberline Twister Review

We're here at Knotts Berry Farm. For credit whoring, there's Timberline Twister. After you barley squeeze in the cars, you climb up the lift hill. As you turn around you go down the first drop. You get some nice airtime on the first drop (for a kiddy coaster). Then you go up into an airtime hill. Then you go up into a turnaround where you'll get some more kiddy airtime. After another turnaround, you go straight into the kiddy bunny hops. After the kiddy bunny hops, you turn right into the station. For a kiddy coaster, this is a pretty fun ride. I will not be riding Timberline Twister again due to me being above the Maximum Height Requirement. But if you are a credit whore and small enough, I would definitely reccomend this ride.


Location: Knotts Berry Farm

Opened: 1983

Built by: Bradley and Kaye

Last Ridden: March 31, 2008

Timberline Twister Photos