Pacific Spin Photos

We're here at Soak City, where we'll be reveiwing Pacific Spin. Pacific Spin is a Tornado Clone. However, this is better than Tornado because this has the BONUS HELIX!!!!!! Ok, time for the review. After climbing up the stairs with your bigass four person tubes, you reach the top, get comfortable in your tube until the lifeguard pushes your tube into the darkness. It feels weird going through the first turn, hoping that you will spin so you face backwards for the drop. But then you realize something funny. The light to the drop isn't there. After that moment of confusion, you keep spinning in the dark. Then after a few seconds, you see that light. And then you drop. It's a fun Tornado Drop, then you go up high in the funnel, only to come back down and do it again. Then rinse and repeat until you reach the end. Oh yeah, Pacific Spin has one more suprise. Before you hit the pool, you go through a water curtain. So yeah, it's Tornado. Exept it's a little higher, has a bonus helix, a water curatin, and is pink. I highly recommend riding this if you're at Soak City.


Location: Soak City

Opened: 2007

Died: September 2016

Built by: ProSlide

Last Ridden: July 17, 2016

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Pacific Spin Photos