Taboo Tower Review

We're on the Taboo Tower, home to three different slides. The first slide we'll talk about is Secret Passage. Secret Passage (The twisted enclosed slide) is a fun slide. You gain a lot of speed going through it and the twist at the end feels something like a waterslide version of Maverick. The second slide we'll be talking about is Daredevils Plunge. Daredevils Plunge (The Drop Slide) is also alot of fun. If you're a dumbass like Cody, you can launch yourself into it, giving yourself quite some extra speed. However, Don't use Daredevils Plunge as an excuse for not going down Bonzai Pipelines. And finally, there's Escape Chute. Escape Chute (The slide with the humps) is also a really fun slide. You do get some waterslide airtime going down. But beware, Escape Chute will scratch your back.


Location: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Opened: 1995

Built by: White Water Slides

Last Ridden: June 14, 2017

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Soak City

Taboo Tower Photos