Phantoms Revenge Review

Today at Incrediblecoasters, we're going to be reviewing Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood. First, a little bit of history about this ride because trust me. This ride's history is actually worth giving a damn about. In 1991, Steel Phantom opened at Kennywood, taking the record for the tallest and fastest rollercoaster at the time and was and still is considered the only proper hyper coaster able to perform inversions. But Steel Phantom was a very rough ride, and many people complained of headbanging. So in 2001, Kennywood turned Steel Phantom into Phantom's Revenge. And this wasn't a simple makeover where they removed an element, or got new paint, music, and fire. This was a true makeover, and unlike Son of Beast and X2, actually managed to become a new credit from this transformation. I'm not sure how Steel Phantom was, but I highly doubt it was better than Phantom's Revenge, which is one of the best freaking coasters of all time. This ride kicks ass!!! Anyways, after getting in the cars and pulling down the lap bar, you go out of the station. First, you climb up the lifthill. You get a good view of Kennywood and the lovely streets of West Mifflin. Then we head down the first drop. This first drop is actually curved, and gives us some cool laterals. But more importantly, it provides us with a lot of speed. We are going pretty fast right here. Ok, while it's not quite as we were expecting, but still. This is good. We can live with this. After ripping through a big peice of straight track. We then rise up a big hill and get a little bit of floater air. Not quite as good as it was hyped up to be with all the statements of "THE AIRTIME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!" (It really is), this is still good. But at this point, Phantom's Revenge goes from being good to REALLY FREAKING AMAZING!!!! Because you know that big first drop, that was nothing. The real drop on the ride is here. You drop straight down into the ravine and slice right through Thunderbolt. And considering how much speed we already have, this really gets us flying as we fly down the big drop. We are going fast Fast FAST!!!!!!!!! Now after that first drop is where the differences between Steel Phantom and Phantom's Revenge lie. Everything after this point was purely redone for Phantom's Revenge. We then start to shred through a big turnaround. This gives us a nice view of Kennywood and really flows smoothly while even giving us some good laterals. But what comes up must come down as we shred back down and gain more speed. Seriously, this ride doesn't lose speed. It's like Millenium Force. It never slows down. Only Millenium Force has no airtime (Suck it Cedar Point Fanboys). And speaking of airtime, look what's coming up. We pass through what appears to be a tunnel. It's really just two concrete walls beside us while Thunderbolt is right above us. So it's like a tunnel, only not. Anyway, during this point, we get our first moment of EJECTOR AIR!!!!! And because of how strong it is, it gives you the illusion of banging your head on the wooden planks above us, which adds to the excitement factor. This leads us into a big turnaround that provides us with some sweet laterals that really add some fun to the ride. But that's enough laterals for now. Time for some more EJECTOR AIR!!!! Our ass get thrown out of the seat and a smile spreads on our face as we head down a small drop. But by the time our asses touch the seat, they are shot back up into the air as we go over another bunny hop. Seriously, riding Phantom's Revenge is like playing Hot Potato with yourself and your seat is the hot potato. After that epicness, we shred up a small hill, only to get two consecutive moments of EJECTOR AIR right after each other. Your ass does't even touch the seat in between the two moments. Once you start to fall back into your seat the first time, you just get shot back up before you even make it to your seat. Yeah, this ride has a lot of airtime. How about some nice laterals to even it out. We get a nice ground hugghing turn that's really fun before rising up into the final bunny hops. You then get two great moments of ejector air before we make it into the final brakes. I really don't give a flying crap how Steel Phantom ever was because this ride is AMAZING!!!!! This is definetly one of the better hyper coasters out there and still resides in my Top 10 Steel Coasters to this day. If you're at Kennywood, RIDE THIS RIDE!!!!! It's a true Top 10 Coaster that you should not miss.


Location: Kennywood

Opened: 2001

Built by: Morgan

Last Ridden: August 13, 2008

Here's my raw footage video of Phantom's Revenge.

Phantom's Revenge Photos