Flying Cobras Review

We're here at Carowinds to ride their Boomerang. Now from a distance, this doesn't look like anything special. However, if you come close, you'll notice something about this Boomerang. Fancy new trains. And trust me. They DO make a difference. Case in point, I rode Flying Cobras back when it was Head Spin at Geauga Lake. At Geauga Lake, it was pretty much just another typical ordinary Boomerang. But when it was moved to Carowinds, they didn't just rebuild it, they f*cking gave it a makeover, with new trains and made it special. And those new trains make the ride glass smooth. You can tell that they put love and care into their Boomerang here. So let's get in the fancy new trains, pull down the soft OTSRs, and away we go. Up the lift you go backwards. The view isn't that great, but you get to see Fury 325 and possibly even a view of Charlotte. And then, you drop. The drop is really fun and you get some nice speed. However, once you pull up into the sky as you enter the cobra roll, and whala! No pain! The new trains have done their job, cause yeah. This part hurt back when it was at Geauga Lake, but now as Flying Cobras and fancied up, it's actually fun. Then you go into a loop. The loop is fun and actually has some good Gs. Then you climb up the second spike. Climb up a little more, and then, you drop. Backwards you go. The loop is quite weird backwards. And then you go backwards into the cobra roll. You brace for pain, but it's not there. And finally, you glide into the station. This ride is proof that with some tender love and care, a Boomerang can actually be a decent ride. Still nothing to scream over, but I had fun on this ride, and am happy that I rode it when I was at Carowinds. Seriously, the only other Boomerang I can think of that's similar is the one at Power Park. So yeah. Give it a ride if you're at Carowinds and it has a short line. You may not think this means much, but it's one of the best Boomerangs on the planet.


Location: Carowinds

Opened at Geauga Lake in 1996

Moved to Carowinds in 2009

Built by: Vekoma

Last Ridden: June 24, 2016

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