Green Lantern Review

We're here at Six Flags Great Adventure. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Green Lantern. You straddle the seat to a comfortable setting, pull down the OTSR, and then we're off! We climb up the lifthill. Up and up we go! While climbing the lifthill, you get a nice view of Superman Ultimate Flight. Yeah, that's not that good, but your only other option was the Six Flags Great Adventure parking lot. And trust me, I've had more than enough parking lot coasters in my lifetime. Then we finally reach the top. First you go through the pre drop and then turnaround. And then comes the first drop. It's a fun first drop that gives us a lot of speed. You know, straight first drops are underrated. People love the typical twisty first drops, myself included, but straight first drops are awesome, and we need the world to know. Perhaps a Straight Parade. Yeah, let's go with that. =) However, at the bottom of the first drop, we flash through a cutout of Parallax, one of the many villians of Green Lantern. We then soar into a vertical...Wait a minute!! What the flying f*ck is this!!? Why the hell is the loop yellow!!? Last time I checked, Green Lantern was a green coaster. You'd think that with a name like that, they'd know what color to paint the freaking ride!! Was Six Flags really so lazy that when they relocated Chang from Kentucky Kingdom to Six Flags Great Adventure, that they FORGOT TO REPAINT THE LOOP!!? Actually no. This was all done on purpose. Yeah, the loop is meant to be yellow. You see, when we passed through that cut-out of Parallax, we are now fighting him, and he is attacking us with the color yellow. Ok, I'm just gonna come out and admit it. I don't like Green Lantern. I really don't. I mean, I like Superheros as much as the next guy. Ok, not as much as the next guy, I'm not nuts about them or anything. But I do like them. I like Superman, I like Batman, I like Spiderman, I like the Avengers, you get the idea. But Green Lantern, I just don't care for. The guys who are Green Lantern fight evil because they have these rings that give off green light and the green light represents goodness, purity, or something like that. And the yellow ring that Parallax has is supposed to be fear and now green is fighting yellow. Uh...I just don't like this hero series. And I really didn't care for the 2011 Movie adaptation. Thankfully I saw it through Netflix and didn't pay for it in theaters. I just wanna put a colorblind person in the Green Lantern universe. Try and figure out what's going on now. Good luck sucker. =) Oh crap. I went off on another tangent (bad habit of mine). Let's get back to Green Lantern, the roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. We soar up and head straight up into the Dive Loop. The dive loop is fun and all, but just like that, it's over. We then soar up into some twisty curve/turnaround identical to that found on Mantis/Rougarou. I've stated that it's smooth on Rougarou, and it's most certainly smooth here, though I'm not sure if people complain of this element being rough. Well regardless, it's not. We then head straight towards the incline loop. And hey, it's not yellow. I guess we're not fighting fear right now. Ok, anyways, I really like incline loops for some reason. Not sure why. There's just fun. Moving on. Then you go through some twisty track before twisting up into the mid course brakes. The train doesn't slow down that much from it, which pleases me. After the midcourse brakes, we slide into a corkscrew. The corkscrew has some nice whip to it, which is very pleasing to hear. We then head into some twisty track. We curve around the dive loop from earlier and have ourselves a good old time. We head down and get a nice suprise. A bonus corkscrew. YAY!!! And it's also got some nice whip to it. We rise up into a small hill, go through some more twisty bits, head around a nice sweeping curve, and BAM!! Straight into the brakes. And that's Green Lantern. I know I've said this before, but I have to say it again as it pretty much sums up my thoughts on Green Lantern. It is literally the missing link in the evolution of the B&M Stand Up Coaster. If you're looking for something inbetween Mantis back when it was a stand up coaster and Riddlers Revenge, Green Lantern is EXACTLY what you'd get. It's as close to the offspring of those two rides as you could possibly get. Who knew that roller coasters could have sex. It's definetly one of the better stand up coasters out there and my 2nd favorite right behind Riddlers Revenge. So I'd definetly give it a whirl while at Six Flags Great Adventure. Come on. Stand up to your fears. At least they didn't neuter it like they did with the other Green Lantern. =)


Location: Six Flags Great Adventure

Opened at Kentucky Kingdom in 1997

Relocated to Six Flags Great Adventure in 2011

Built by: B&M

Last Ridden: August 4, 2011

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