Riddlers Revenge Review

We're here at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Riddlers Revenge. You straddle the seat to a comfortable setting, pull down the OTSR, and then we're off! We climb up the lifthill. Up and up we go! As we thread through the loop, we start to think of Kumba. But our hopes are shattered when we see SFMM. However, not to worry. Riddlers Revenge is still a good ride. We reach the top of the lifthill. We twist to the left and drop. As we turn, we speed builds and builds. Once we reach the bottom of the drop, we are flying at full speed. Then we soar up. Up and Up, Steeper and steeper, we edge out into a vertical loop. We get a little hangtime here as we float over the lifthill. But then we roar back down, picking up all of the speed we lost going into the loop. And then we soar up into a dive loop. We turn head over heels and while you're upsidedown, you get a good view of Freefall's grave. But then you just soar back down into the fake onride photo. And then we do the exact same thing again with our second dive loop. By this time, you'd expect the speed to be wearing off, but that's not the case here. We are still roaring on and we're roaring strong. Then we roar up into the inclined loop. This part of the ride is just really fun for some reason. Then we go out and do a little twisty thing. That is fun and then we churn up as we roar into a midcourse brake run. Luckily, that barely does anything. Then we drop down and gain what we lost from the midcourse brakes. Then you fling into a corkscrew, that just slams you into a turn into the airtime hill. While there's not that much airtime, there's still a little floater air. Then we head into the Great Bear part of the ride. We zip up into a fun helix. While it's a strong helix like Goliath, it's still a lot of fun. Then we coast through a couple of turns. While they arn't that intense, they're still fun. And now we go head over heels for the final time. That last corkscrew just flings us like human salad. And then we roar up into the brake run. All that we can think is "Damn, that was a good ride." This is by far the best stand up coaster that I've been on. None of the others I've ridden even come close. I would totally reccomend this ride to anyone going to Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Opened: 1998

Built by: B&M

Last Ridden: July 3, 2019

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