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Kings Dominion Review All right. We’re down to the last one. Yep, we’re reviewing the final Cedar Fair park that needs to be reviewed, as well as our last park review until we visit new theme parks to review. Kings Dominion. This place has a pretty good repuation for coaster enthusiasts. I mean, this place has Intimidator 305 and Twisted Timbers. Some of the best coasters in America. But what about the rest of the park? What else does Kings Dominion have to offer? Check out our review and find out.
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Review Busch Gardens Williamsburg frequently gets toted as one of the best theme parks in America. And visiting the park, it’s pretty easy to see why. This place has really great roller coasters, great theming, cool shows, animals, and is just an all around great park. Check out our review of this amazing theme park.
The 2020 Update So….as you all know, 2020 was a dumpster fire of a year, and has been declared by nearly everyone, the worst year ever. A pandemic ravaged the world (let alone the other issues with the year). And…the world came to an end, including the theme park world. So…here’s an update showcasing our coaster season in Winter before everything closed, as well as showing off what little fun California allowed. Check out some roller coasters, some silly fun, and food! There’s a lot of food in this update!
Six Flags America Review All right. Now Six Flags America doesn’t have the best reputation amongst coaster enthusiasts. Bad operations among other issues have frequently been cited against this park when judging it. But just how true is all that? Is Six Flags America as bad as the other coaster enthusiasts will have you believe? Well, check out review to see how the park is as well as their coasters.
Lagoon 2020 All right. All of the theme parks in California are still closed thanks to COVID-19 (Despite other parks showing them how they can operate safely). However, the coaster withdrawls were too strong, so we went to Lagoon in Utah, since….that’s not only the closest major amusement park that’s open to us, but it’s also one of our favorite independent parks in the US. Check out all the awesome rides from this park, see how Lagoon does their Halloween Event, see what precautions they’re taking because of the pandemic, and even check out an Alpine Coaster in the Mountains as well.
Toshimaen Review Now I’m sad to report this, but Toshimaen closed down at the end of August. Not because of COVID-19, but rather, because Tokyo wants to build a big Harry Potter museum on the property. *Sigh* At least this victim isn’t nearly as good as its other victims. But anyways, Toshimaen was a fun little park. Nothing special. Fairly generic. But I had fun here. Check out this review in memory of this fun little Japanese park.
Yokohama Cosmoworld Review Yokohama Cosmoworld is a park that may not have too much. All of the coasters here are pretty much credit whoring, even if one of the coasters is famous and well known. It’s bark is better than its bite. But it’s still a fun little park to spend some time. Check it out, and explore the park as you look around Yokohama.
Tokyo Disney Resort Review All right. Here it is. Our official review for one of the best theme park resorts in the world. Tokyo Disney. And….all the hype is right. Tokyo Disney is amazing! Especially Tokyo DisneySea! The theming there is so good! Amazing dark rides! Amazing theming! Amazing food! There is so much! So many classics along with lots of custom and unique things. Read our review and check it all out.
Hamanako Pal Pal Review Hamanako Pal Pal is one of the smaller parks in Japan that doesn’t get the same sort of attention from enthusiasts as bigger parks. But it’s a fun little park, and Mega Coaster is actually a really fun ride. Check out those and more in our review of this fun little park.
Sea Paradise Review Sea Paradise is one of those parks that isn’t really much of a theme park. This place is primarily about the aquarium and seeing oceanic creatures. There’s barely any rides. However, Blue Fall is one of the best drop towers ever and Surf Coaster is a really fun ride. Check out those and more in our review of this fun little park.