Tornado Review

We're here at Bakken, where we'll be reviewing Tornado. Which is not only the park's spinning coaster, but it just might be the most intense and agressive spinning coaster on the planet. No seriously. This little coaster is f*cking MEAN!!! I know it just looks like an ordinary family coaster, but this little spinning coaster will KICK YOUR ASS!!! So what are we waiting for!? Hop in the car, pull down the OTSRs, and we're off!!! We head around a turn and head up the lift hill. Well, it's not really a lift hill. You see, the lifthill is actually, A LAUNCH!!!! Yeah, you pretty much just get LAUNCHED over this lifthill. I know some people will debate about whether the lifthill on Maverick counts as a launch (No). But this one, it pretty much is a launch. Yeah, it's technically a lifthill, but you just are up and over in the blink of an eye and FLY down the first drop. It just flings you over and you better be bracing cause this ride will karate chop your neck at this point. But don't worry. It's not painful, and the rest of the ride isn't like that in any way whatsoever. And that flinging first drop, it's SWEET!!! We then head up a curved hill and around a turn that takes us outside, all while spinning like crazy. We then head around an S Curve, go around another banked turn outside, still spinning like mad. We then go through some straight track, another outdoors turn, and into a midcourse brake run, still spinning, but this is a breather moment of the ride. We then head down another curved drop, go through another curved hill, still spinning like crazy. We eventually drop on down, go around a tight turn, and then glide into the brake run, still spinning. HOLY CRAP!!! THIS RIDE IS AGRESSIVE!!! It just spins you so much. I love it. I definetly consider this to be my 2nd favorite spinning coaster, just behind Winjas. Cause yeah. This is a mean agressive little spinning coaster. It's a shame that Intamin hasn't built another spinning coaster like it because it is AWESOME!!! Definetly give it a ride if you're at Bakken.


Location: Bakken

Opened: 2009

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: June 14, 2014

Here's my raw footage (POV) video of Tornado.

Tornado Photos