Top 10 Flat Rides List

Welcome to an Incrediblecoasters Top 10 List. When we list stuff, we actually explain why. Flat Rides. They are everywhere nowadays. Amusement Parks usually have countless numbers of them. And for good reasons. They come in countless different varieties. Basically, if it's not a roller coaster, dark ride, or a water ride, it's probably a flat ride. So many of the typical amusment park staples are flat rides. Carousels are flat rides, Ferris Wheels are flat rides, Scramblers are flat rides, Pirate Ships are flat rides, and much much more. They can relax us, thrill us, or spin the living crap out of us and make normal people want to puke. Yeah, we've talked about our typical staple flat rides such as carousels, ferris wheels, bumper cars, scramblers, pirate ships, chairswings, tilt a whirls, and so forth. Those are all common and very fun flat rides. However, not all flat rides are created equal. There are some flat rides out there that will do things to your body you didn't think was possible, know is not good for your body, or just make you grow a bigass smile on your face. These are the elite flat rides. The ones that are above all the others. The ones that you are either very grateful parks were smart enough to clone and make popular, or the ones you get angry at parks for for not making them popular. These are the wildest, craziest, fastest, zaniest, puke inducing Top 10 Flat Rides. (This list excludes Drop Towers, because if it didn't, they'd take up half of the list.)




















Spin Out @
California Traveling Fairs

Located as part of the California Traveling Fair System, Spin Out is a flat ride where you don't even need words. No need to say stuff like "Spin Out is...uh....umm...." Just look at it and your eyes will see crazy for itself. It is just literally spinning around upsidedown. So for anyone who doesn't get enough blood to their head (which is the entire roller coaster community right now), then a ride on Spin Out will fix that for you. You literally hang upsidedown while spinning for like 30 seconds. Though Spin Out isn't just a teacup ride upsidedown. It also rotates and moves you get a good flow of up and down and actually flipping instead of just hanging and upsidedown spinning. While there is some mild discomfort as you will be hanging in the restraints, but considering all that's happening, it is totally worth it. It's an insane flat ride that you should get on whenever you see it at your local fair. Spin Out. The Ventura County Fair obviously must 've made a mistake when getting their flat rides because no sane fair would willfully reject Spin Out. (Wait, did I just expect the Ventura County Fair to actually be sane?)




















Experience @
California Traveling Fairs

Located as part of the California Traveling Fair System, Experience is one of those flat rides that looks crazy and rides even crazier. It spins and it spins fast. And it flips. Its all a big blur of spinning and flipping as you tumble around in flat ride nirvana. Actually, the best way for me to describe Experience is that its pretty much a tamer version of a flat ride that you'll see much higher up on the list. So I don't want to talk too much about what this does. Just keep in mind how crazy I already described it. Now picture something much crazier. Keep reading and the answer will be revealed. But for now, Experience. Its an absolutely insane experience =) (Yeah, Yeah Yeah. I know that joke sucked).




















Maxair & Delarium @
Cedar Point & Kings Island
Sandusky, Ohio, U.S.A & Kings Mills, Ohio, U.S.A

Located at Ohio's two biggest theme parks, Maxair and Delarium are both Huss Giant Frisbees. While nearly all frisbees are fun and all, it's the Huss Giant Frisbees that take the win here. They are just some of the craziest and most fun flat rides ever. While I do have to admit that the spin on these things isn't exactly the best spinning a frisbee can have, I will still say that they both spin better than La Revolution @ Knotts Berry Farm. And then, we have the swing. Oh my god!!!! The swing!!!! The Swing on these things is just, and I mean just...INSANE!!!!!! You just fly up into the sky on these things, and when you head down back to the ground, you get more wind than you do on most coasters, they are just some of the best rides ever. And while they aren't the Starbucks of Flat Rides just yet, they do have them at many parks around the globe. So while you may have to travel to try one of these rides, hopefully you won't have to go overseas to experience their awesomeness. Maxair & Delarium. I'd to see your dog try and catch these frisbees.




















Air Race @
Coney Island
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A

Also located at Coney Island, this is a much crazier and more insane flat ride. While Brooklyn Flyer is cool and nice with the view and the breeze, this flat ride is just insane. It has you in planes, that first just start to spin. Then they start to spin pretty damn fast, almost like a scrambler plane. And then, out of nowhere, you just start to flip, doing constant corkscrews in the air, never stopping, and never failing to put a smile on your face. It's just insane. You go from some decent laterals, to just some really strong positive Gs as you just start to flip. And of course, the plane theming only adds to it, making it seem more like you're a kamakazie flyer, flying through the sky doing constant corkscrews. What more do I need to say. Air Race is a kickass ride and one of the best flat rides ever. Definetly check it out when at Coney Island.




















Speed @
California Traveling Fairs

Also located as part of the California Traveling Fair System, this is one of the best rides that they've got. Now its not the best, but its one of the best. This ride may not be the most intense ride ever. It doesn't spin upsidedown or spin you until you just want to puke, but this ride is just full out balls to the walls fun. You are pretty much taken up like 100 ft in the air, facing a random parking lot. And then you just dive. You are literally just freefalling down towards the ground face first until you rock foreward or if you're really lucky, fling upsidedown. To this day, Speed is the only flat ride I know that can mimick X2's first drop. It is really that flipping insane. And on top of that, you also get to do some crazy flips high up in the air. The only complaint I have is that its got really sh*tty capacity. Even by flat ride standards, this thing has a pathetic capacity of only allowing 8 to ride at a time. So lines can get very long. But hey, its a great ride.



















Lighthouse Tower @
Holiday Park
Ha├čloch, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Located right at Holiday Park, Germany, the Lighthouse Tower is a starflyer. And these rides have a reputation for being freaking intense simply due to their height. And while this is not the biggest one, its still pretty damn big. Now I have absolutely no fear of heights, but it did feel cool being held up 225 ft. by just these dinky little chains. And of course, the wind was howling, causing for a rip roaring good time. That, and did I mention that I rode it with Cliff, who happens to have a fear of heights. Yeah. EPIC WIN!!!! =) It spins fairly well and the rising up and down the tower is pretty cool. But what I really liked was just the openness. The seats are really comfortable, and it honestly feels like there's no restraints. It just feels really cool. Now I will say that the view could be better. Its just a view of the German Forests. Nothing but trees with Expedition Ge Force popping out. But hey. Trees and one of my favorite coasters ever. Not too bad a view. Anyways, this ride is freaking insane. Check it out now. =)




















Knights Tournament @
Legoland CA
Carlsbad, California, U.S.A

Now I'm betting that a family park like Legoland was just about the absolute last place you'd expect a Top 10 Flat Ride to ever pop up. But sure enough, they have one and man is it a great ride. Knights Tournament is a robot arm, and man am I not happy that these things aren't becoming common flat rides. They are perfect for parks!!! They don't take up much space, they're fairly cheap, and they can be enjoyed by the entire family!!! They can be programmed to be mild attractions, or as you can clearly see, bat-sh*t crazy insane rides that'll just flip you and toss you around like a rag doll. From what I saw, Levels 1 & 2 are boring as hell. I saw tiny little preschool aged kids doing these levels. Level 3 is fun with some leaning and turns. Level 4 is pretty damn good, about on par with an average Top Spin, and then there's Level 5, which is absolutely insane. You just flip and rock and do all sorts of crazy things. If you're still not convinced that this ride is absolutely insane, just watch the video of us going crazy on Level 5. Trust me, you will love this ride.



















Tango @
California Traveling Fairs

Also located as part of the California Traveling Fair System, this is one of the absolute best rides that they've got. This ride is just absolutely insane in every single possible way. You remember Experience? The flat ride that got the #9 spot on the list, yeah that ride. Remember when I said that that was basically a less intense flat ride of another flat ride that'd appear much higher on the list? Well this is it. This is the more experienced Experience. This is the real f*cking deal. First off, its a stand up floorless ride. So yeah. You're flaying around like a rag doll standing up in the air with nothing to stand on. You've got no support at all, which makes all the crazy flipping all the more exciting. And yeah. You're high up in the air. While most of these flat rides do all their crazy flipping and spinning towards the ground, Tango decides to give you a nice view, flipping and rolling you all around at what feels like 100 ft in the air. It seriously lifts you high up in the air, which adds to the epicness of the flipping. And of course, the flipping is just absolutely insane. If you want your flat rides nice and mild, then this is not the ride for you. Tango. Go on and tango to the insanity of Tango!!! =)



















Brain Surge & Octotron @
Nickelodeon Universe & Belmont Park
Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S.A & San Diego, California, U.S.A

Known as one of the newest members of the flat ride family as a Chance Unicoaster, it may not be a coaster (or even close), but my god, is this ride just as good as a roller coaster. Claimed to be a modern version of the Looper @ Knoebels, this ride does indeed share many similarities between the two rides. However, the Chance Unicoaster takes all of Looper's faults and turns it into epicness. It's a self controlled flat ride, meaning that you control how crazy it gets. Trust me, if you ever ride one of these rides with Cody or I, you will be in for a wild ride. However, much like Knights Tournament, anyone can really ride this ride because even if you're lame and like your flat rides lame, you can still check it out in lameass mode and watch everyone else go crazy. And while this may not be the only self controlled flat ride out there, it's definetly the best. Unlike the Looper, it's easy to control and flip, so you're both going crazy and not having your thighs hurt like crazy. So let's see, easy to flip, fast cycles, no pain whatsoever, oh, and did I mention the little bump. Yep, there's a little bump in the cycle, so when you flip over it, it makes the craziness even crazier. So whether you're having fun in the Mall of America or out in San Diego, be sure to check out this flat ride and experience the craziness.




















The Zipper @
California Traveling Fairs

All right. I'm just gonna come out and say it. ZIPPER IS THE BEST FLAT RIDE EVER!!!!! KING OF THE CARNIVAL!!! THE BIG ONE!!! THE ONE!!!! NO COMPETITION!!!!! CREAMS EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!! Yes, as I have clearly stated, I love the Zipper. And that is because the Zipper is freaking insane. A flipping oval that cars flip on while the cars themselves flip. This is the sanest way to talk about the Zipper, though if you really try to think about it, your brain will hurt. Zipper is an unpredictable crazy bastard child. You don't decide what you will do. The Zipper chooses for you. You can go from a dozen flips in a row, to insane ejector air, to faceplanting the ground, or even all of the above at the same time. Yeah. That's a good ride on the Zipper. But even when the Zipper runs f*cking lame, it's still a better than average flat ride. And that's when it's bad. When it's running great, oh man, it's gonna be insane. Just climb in, and let it take you into flat ride nirvana. It's gonna flip. It's gonna eject. It's gonna rattle you up. And you'll love it. The Zipper is, has always been, and will probably always be, the king of the carnival and the president of flat rides. Bow down to it's greatness.



















So now I'm sure you know what you're thinking. "Wow. That was the list. That is so wrong." Well no. This is just the current list. I haven't been on every flat ride in the world, so until I do, this list is innacurate for a world wide description. There are still many many great flat rides out there for me to ride. And even when I do ride all of them, some flat rides will go bad, and new ones will be built, so no list will ever last forever. But still, this list does pay tribute to 10 fantastic flat rides that everyone should try if they ever have the chance. And if you could tell, most of the rides on this list had similar qualities which appealed to my taste in flat riddes. However, flat rides can come in many different styles and tastes for all sorts of people. There are still many other great flat rides out there not on this list. Ones that I have ridden and know about and simply didn't make the cut, and ones that I haven't ridden yet and are just waiting to get into the Incrediblecoasters System. Either way, go out and ride a flat ride today. They really are awesome.