Apocalypse Review

We're here at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Today, we're here to review Apocolypse. After going through the cheesy preshow room, you arrive in the station, where we take a look at the station fly by, and realize "Damn! It's going pretty fast!!!" Then you pull down the orange lap bar and away we go. You used to hear some cool music on the turn before the lift, but the audio has officially been murdered from Terminator =(. Then Six Flags budget cutted Terminator away and what we are now left with is Apocolypse. Once we reach the top, we look back at the wooden mess behind us. We gain quite a bit of speed on the turn before the first drop, then it happens without warning. We get sucked down into that big pit of wood. And before you know it, we're at the bottom of the first drop, wiith speed galore. We are going to fly!!! Then we turn into a small bunny hop. While it's not much, we still get a little bit of GCI air. Then we see the exit bridge, but before we know it, that's behind us as now we are roaring through Deadmans Curve. Though it's a big turn, we are still roaring fast and roaring strong, then comes the real dissapointment of the ride, the Double Down out of Deadmans Curve. Since it was a Double Down, I was expecting some tasty airtime, but nope. There's nothing right there. So whatever you do, don't look at that double down and think about Jackrabbit's Double Down, your hopes and dreams will be shattered. Then after flying through the double down, you roar through a curve. During this curve, you realize that it strangely feels warmer outside. You look to your left and there you'll see a streak of fire in the air!!! While it's not nearly as great as when X2 sprays fire in your face, it's still a nice touch to Terminator. Then when the fire dies down, then you "TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!!!!!!" The mist in the tunnel feels great on your face as you blast right through it!! You are pinned to the side in the dark as we roar around a curve in the dark. Then when you fly out of the tunnel, you go through a couple of Maverick like turns that THROW YOU from side to side. Then after that, we fly into the station fly by. Unfortunetly, the station fly by is not nearly as cool as it looked from the station. On the ride, this is nothing but straight track. But before you know it, it's over. And once we're done with the station fly by, we're going to "TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh, and when you go through this tunnel, you must shout "TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!!!" You MUST. It's an Incrediblecoasters Law. After taking the tunnel once again, we fly into a big swooping turn around the line. After getting pinned to the right, we fly through a block of mist and twist up into a turn, and there, we glide into the brakes. While Apocolypse may be short and weak on airtime, it is still a badass woodie with a good amount of speed and a couple of good laterals. And it looks much better in that spot than Psyclone ever did. I'd highly recommend this to anyone visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Opened: 2009

Built by: Great Coasters International

Last Ridden: February 23, 2018

Here's my raw footage video of Apocalypse.

Apocolypse Photos