TPR's Middle America Tour

All right. So this is our Bigass Update on the TPR Middle America Trip. This huge update contains over 700 photos from over 10 different parks, including Silver Dollar City, Holiday World, Six Flags Great America, and many more awesome places. This update features many fantastic coasters such as Voyage, Prowler, Renegade, Wildfire, Raging Bull, Steel Hawg, and much much more. You will also see many different amazing people, lots of other cool attractions, some amazing food, many great antics, and even see a little bit of American Culture. So sit back and prepare to come on the craziness of the TPR Middle America Trip.

List of places we were at.

Days 0 & 1: Nickelodeon Universe @ the Mall of America

Day 2: Adventureland

Days 2 & 3: Worlds of Fun

Day 4: Silver Dollar City

Day 5: St. Louis & The City Museum

Day 6: Six Flags St. Louis

Day 7: Holiday World

Day 8: Indiana Beach

Days 8 & 9: Six Flags Great America

Day 10: Mount Olympus

Day 10: Timber Falls & Knuckleheads

Day 11: Valleyfair

Here's a small sample of what you'll find in this update.