Superman Ultimate Flight Review

We're here at Six Flags Over Georgia. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Superman Ultimate Flight. Once you pull down the restraint with the rubber vest, you fold into flying position, and away you go! You then go around a turn and climb the lifthill. It's not that big, but I will admit that it's cool to be in the flying position. It's a nice climb up to the top. Then you head down the first drop. While you don't gain that much speed on it, it's still a very fun first drop. You then begin to rise up into the best part of the ride. The Pretzal Loop. Yes, Pretzal Loops are awesome. However, if you've been on Tatsu, you'll notice that this pretzal loop isn't quite as strong as Tatsu's. It's forceful and all, but it's just weak compared to Tatsu. This may also apply to Manta, I'd have to ride it to find out. You then rise out of the pretzal loop and go through a turnaround. You get a nice view of the parking lot from there. You then dip down and gain a little more speed. And hey! Superman is flying through a tunnel! TAKE THE TUNNEL SUPERMAN!!! IT'S A SHORTCUT!!! Then this leads to another turnaround. It's ok, but it's getting a little old. Which does not make us happy that we then go through yet another turnaround. Seriously, after the pretzal loop, this ride is like a flying mine train. And no, being like a flying mine train does not give a feeling of flight. You then go through yet another turn which we are sick of. To make things more interesting for us, we get an inline twist. YAY!!! SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! But then we dip up into the brake run. LAME!!!!!!! While I wouldn't call Superman Ultimate Flight a bad ride, it's certainly not a great ride and is certainly not worth the wait that this ride usually produces. Though I will say this. This is the best of the three Superman Ultimate Flights. I know that's not saying much, but that tunnel is a nice little touch. If you want to ride this, either get a Gold Q-Bot (preferably this) or get here first thing in the morning. Otherwise, skip it.


Location: Six Flags Over Georgia

Opened: 2002

Built by: B&M

Last Ridden: June 27, 2016

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