Steampunk Iron Bull Review

Today at Indiana Beach, we'll be reviewing Steampunk: Iron Bull. Which.....*chuckles* Oh boy. This is certainly......an interesting ride to say the least. Yeah. Interesting is probably the best descriptor I can come up with this coaster. Though I guess strange and bizarre are also suitable for this ride. Cause.....WOW!!! THis ride is REALLY something that'll make you go "WHAT THE F*CK!!?". In a good way or in a bad way? Eh....neither really. I mean, this thing is technically a bad coaster. If it was all outside, I would give it a VERY low rating. But the sheer theming this ride has and all the stuff inside is just so....weird, that you can't help but to enjoy the ride in a weird sort of "WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON!!?" kind of way. The ride had an intersting history, originally opening as the Bullfight Coaster. But in 2016, they remodeled the ride and turned it into Steampunk Iron Bull. From watching a POV of the Bullfight Coaster, it was also pretty strange. But....this is just....DAMN!!! So yeah. This really is a weird ride. This ride is easy to miss as it's RIGHT at the front of the park. That may sound weird, but this coaster is all indoors, and the building doesn't scream that there's a coaster in here. It's super easy to walk by it and then wander around the park trying to figure out where Steampunk Iron Bull is. Well, we find the cars, the OTSRs come down, and away we go. We roll around a turn, some colored flashing lights flash right in our face. Not a huge fan of flashing lights, but....they're colored. And....it works for this ride. We start climbing the lifthill, and during this time, we hear the bull growling as well as see a bunch of gears and steamp paraphanillia around. That's cool. Then we get to the actual coaster. Which...it's essentially a Whirlwind. I don't know the full details. First we do this. Then that. But it's mainly just twists and turns. And keep in mind. This ride has OTSRs. So it can be kind of awkward. It's not that rough since....it's pretty slow. This ride is too dull to really hurt you. Though there still is some headbanging. So I'd still brace. We turn and drop and pass through more colored lights and steampunk gears. Eventually, we just come to a stop. And this is where the ride REALLY gets strange. We stop, look at a screen, which is showing hot coals. They get burned and eaten up. Red smoke begins to fill the room. The Iron Bull opens back up, except now, it's showing a watch. Numbers keep going up and it keeps counting until we get to 100. The clock then rolls away and a light system rolls into place. Red. Red. Red. They all flash green. We are good to go. WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON!!!? And this isn't even a matter of "I don't speak Japanese!". They literally don't say anything! It's just music with some sound effects. And steampunk visuals! That's it! And from there, we roll around another turn and begin climbing the lifthill. I'm so confused. And from there, it's just a whirlwind in a steampunk light show. Some curves, some drops, brace for some headbanging. Brake run. Again. This is technically a bad coaster. Just a whirlwind, not very fast, has OTSRs, and is midly rough. But the whole experience is just so strange that I enjoyed riding it just to....experience the strangeness of it. If you want a genuinely good coaster, you can skip it. But if you want some strange quirky fun, this is a good source for that.


Location: Parque Espana

Opened: 2003

Built by: Sansei Yusoki

Last Ridden: October 30, 2018

Steampunk Iron Bull Photos