Speed Monster Review

We're here at Tusenfryd. We're here to review their Rocket Coaster, Speed Monster. And this is certainly an intersting ride. It's pretty good, but it looks GREAT and while it's fun, it wasn't as fun as I expected. So let's discuss. After getting in the seats and pulling down the OTSRs, we roll foreword. Wait at the launch pad, and we're off!!! It's not the best launch ever, but it's still pretty good. It gives us some nice speed and has a nice kick to it. So far, so good. We then rise up into this sort of hill, only to twist upsidedown and dive straight to the ground. I really like this. And hey, we dive underneath the escelator. We then rise up, flipping upsidedown, only to get back rightside up. What the hell sort of an inversion is that? Well, that is a Norweigian Loop. Basically, it's sort of like a Dive Loop immedietly followed by an Immelmahn. It's got an intersting shape to it. And the only reason it's called a Norwegian Loop, is because it came from this ride, and Tusenfryd is in Norway. So, Norwegian Loop. It's actually pretty rare as the only other one in the world is on Farenheight at Hersheypark (I'm really overdue to go back there). We dip out of the Norweigian Loop and into this banked curve down the hill. Well, it's more of a downward helix, but it's a lot of fun. I really enjoy this. We then head into this small little airtime hill that's right in the middle of the Norweigian Loop. Wee! Airtime! The sad news is that it's not that much. I was expecting a pop of ejector air. But it's mild floater. Fun, but I guess I set my expectations too high before. We then head into a wave hill, and this gives us both some airtime and a little bit of laterals. Hey, it is a stronger airtime hill than before. And the laterals makes it even better. We then go through another one of these wave hills. Except this one doesn't have any airtime or laterals. Or rather, the forces are much weaker here. I liked it more earlier. We then head straight into a corkscrew that we just tumble straight on through. Hey, that's a lot of fun. I enjoyed that. And of course, it's then just a sharp turn. The laterals are fun, but this leads us right into the brake run. So yeah. Speed Monster is a very fun ride. However, it's not so big on the forces. Yes, the Norwegian Loop is a lot of fun, and there are some pops of airtime. But I feel like this ride is more of a cruiser. Cruise through the forest at fast speeds. It's kind of like that. It may not be my favorite like I was initially expecting, but it's still a really fun ride.


Location: Tusenfryd

Opened: 2006

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: June 21, 2014

Here's my raw footage video of Speed Monster.

Speed Monster Photos