Veggie Tale Spin Review

We're here at Dollywood. For you credit whores, there's Sideshow Spin. The park's kiddy coaster. Well, the parks old kiddy coaster. They have recently gotten rid of this ride and put in a new kiddy coaster. Which is good because this thing was AWFUL!!! Even by kiddy coaster standards, it was. You climb into the cars, and barely fit. And we're off!!! We start to climb the lifthill. We struggle, but we're in the little car that could. You're not sure if you're going to make it over the hill, or if the hill itself is even bigger than you if you're a tall dude, but we make it. You then go down a helix for the first drop and around a turn. And yeah. That's the ride. Though you do get multiple laps on it. You can easily tell that this coaster is not made for adults to ride. Hey, it may be boring, but at least it's not a painful kiddy coasters. But even so, it's still just a tiny kiddy coaster. But if you're upset that you can't get this credit at Dollywood. A: You're a SUPER CREDIT WHORE!!! I mean, you REALLY F*CKING WHORE OUT!!! But hey. You wanna be a super credit whore, more power to you buddy. B: This coaster still exists. It's called the Veggie Tale Spin (Funny, it was called Veggie Tale Spin for some time at Dollywood) at this park called Kentucky Shores Family Fun Center. I know nothing about this place other than they got this ride from Dollywood, and I'm assuming it's a Family Fun Center. And now that this review is done, I'll probably never think of this place again as I have this credit, and even if I didn't, this would be a line for me. Going to a Family Fun Center to ride THIS!!? Look, I'm a total credit whore. I mean, I rode this f*cking thing when it was at Dollywood. And not because I thought it would be a fun ride (Obviously). Because I'm a credit whore. But even I have a limit. And yeah. No.


Location: Kentucky Shores Family Fun Center

Opened at Dollywood in 2005

Moved to Kentucky Shores Family Fun Center in 2017

Built by: L&T Systems

Last Ridden: June 25, 2016

I have ridden this exact same ride at the following parks.


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