Rock 'N' Roll Duncan Review

We're here at Fuji-Q Highlands. For their kiddy coaster, they have Rock'N'Roll Duncan. It's the one credit you can get in their Thomas Town, and....this ride SUCKS!!! I know that sounds weird and reduntant to say since....this is a kiddy coaster. All kiddy coasters suck (well, with one exception). But even if you're judging the ride by kiddy coaster standards, this ride still sucks (Hmm. Considering doing a Top 10 Kiddy Coasters List for sh*ts and giggles. EVENTUALLY!!!). Anyways, we get in the cars, pull down the lap bars, wonder what the hell you're doing, and away we go! Go around a turn and up a tiny lifthill. Honestly, we're bigger than this thing (at least we would be if we weren't already off the ground. Ooh! 10 ft! How high!). Go around a turn, and around a dip. I've driven over more thrilling speedbumps than this thing. Go around a turn. Go through another dip, except....you sure this isn't just straight track. Go around a turn, and it's over. Sir Topam Hatt is very cross with the fact that his train's kiddy coaster is sh*t. So yeah. Credit Whores only.


Location: Fuji-Q Highlands

Opened: 1999

Built by: Sansei Yusoki

Last Ridden: November 5, 2018

Rock'N'Roll Duncan Photos