Rewind Racers Review

We're here at Adventure City. Today, we're going to be reviewing the parks star attraction and the reason that most coaster enthusiasts came to this park. Wait. What the hell am I saying with most coaster enthusiasts? ALL coaster enthusiasts are here for Rewind Racers. Which is without a doubt, a very fun and unique family coaster. It's one of those Jr. Boomerang coasters, which are slowly becoming popular rides, at least they are beginning to catch on in Europe. But in America, not so much. Rewind Racers is literally the only one that exists. So not only is this a really fun ride for a credit whoring coaster, but a very unique coaster as well. So hooray for that. This is without a doubt, one of the more fun credit whoring coasters out there. No doubt about that. Anyways, we get in the car, pull down the lap bar and away we go. We head backwards and climb the lifthill. We get a nice view of Adventure City and of the streets of Anaheim as well. However, after climbing for a little bit, we begin to level out and aren't going up very steep anymore. Yeah, we know that we're about to drop soon. Well, we begin to stop. Yeah. We know we're going to drop soon. And...BAM! We drop on down. We aren't flying, but for a family coaster, it's pretty fun. We fly through the station and head out around a banked turn. It's not crazy or anything, but we get a couple laterals. We then dip down and head into an upward helix. YAY!!! We slow down and head up the spike. We then level out and are going up at a far smaller angle. We then stop, look around, see Anaheim, and head down backwards. We then head backwards through the helix, and gain more speed. WEE!!! This is just an absolute blast. We head up the dip, slow down a little bit, and then we head around that turn, dip down into the station, and hit the brake run. And yeah. That was Rewind Racers. Honestly, its one of the coolest family coasters around. It's just such a fun little ride. I'm very happy that these rides are catching on in small little European Parks, and I certainly hope that more rides like this are built in the United States. I don't have to tell you to ride this ride. If you're here at Adventure City to credit whore, you're gonna ride this ride.


Location: Adventure City

Opened: 2015

Built by: Gerslauter

Last Ridden: September 12, 2015

Rewind Racers Photos