Phoenix Review

Today, we'll be heading over to Knoebels where we'll be reviewing Phoenix. After getting in the seats and pulling down the buzz bars, we are off!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! =) Now first off, we just roll through a dark smelly tunnel. We turn as we roll through the tunnel. After the turn, we just keep moving. Not much is happening, but it's pitch black in here and smells like Grandma and Grandpa's old house in Lompoc. But already, people are giggling and laughing like crazy as if they were nothing more than simple little school children. We just keep crawling in the dark, laughing and having a ball. But after a while, we go through another turn, which while taken at slow speeds, takes people by suprise and shows them the holy light of the lifthill breaking daylight and having everyone cheer. It's a pretty small lifthill, but still. The train makes it up to the top pretty fast, and before you know it, we're plummeting down the first drop. While it's not very big, it's still pretty damn fun. And hey. It's just plain fun. This then leads us to the turnaround. Now to be fair, people start to claim that from this point on, it's NOTHING but airtime. But I did NOT feel airtime at this point. For some reason, I did not feel airtime at this point. But hey, it's still pure fun. We get some laterals in the turnaround, but before we know it, we are dropping back down again. At this point, you get a stomach tingly feeling like you get on the Super Frog Hoppers. Pretty cool. Then before we know it, we're shredding through a bunny hop. This provides us with some pretty neat airtime. And since that last bunny hop was so fun, Phoenix decides to throw yet another bunny hop at us, giving us some nice airtime. And before we know it, we're rising up into yet another turnaround. This one also provides us with some decent laterals. But as we drop out of the turnaround, we notice something insane. INSANE EJECTOR AIR!!!! You know the type of ejector air that everyone claims is all over this ride where your ass is lifted at least a full foot out of the air, but so far, hadn't been detected on Phoenix, well YAY!!!!! I FOUND IT!!!!!! =) AND IT IS KICKING MAJOR ASS!!!!! After that moment of kickassness, it's time for the ride's highlight. The Double Up, and Double Down. You first rise up in the double up, and get ejected before rising up again to get some more airtime. So yeah, that was awesome. But here comes the Double Down. Yeah, it kicks serious ass. You literally fly out of your seat and are yanked back down by gravity before the seat falls out from underneath you again in the second part of the double down. Yeah, that is powerful airtime. That is powerful powerful powerful airtime. In fact, when I took my Phoenix POV, My camera glitched during this part of the ride because of the intense airtime. You can see for yourself in my Phoenix Raw Footage, so yeah. It's pretty powerful. You then rise up and get a nice serious pop out of your seat before going through yet another turnaround. More good news is that the laterals are even stronger now. We're just pinned to the side until we decide to just drop down and get some more airtime. And now here comes the grand finale to this awesome ride. Four really strong and powerful bunny hops. So for this part of the ride is basically like this. Ass goes out of seat. Ass lands back on seat. Ass goes out of seat. Ass lands back on seat. Ass goes out of seat. Ass lands back on seat. Ass goes out of seat. Ass lands back on seat. Then you head into a really long turn that just gradually slows you down and acts like a giant brake run that gives you some mild laterals until you glide back into the station. That was amazing. That kicked ass. That was so f*cking good. Now to be fair, I did find Phoinex to be slightly overrated since other people say the insanity starts right on the first drop wheras it doesn't really start until after the second turnaround, but really? Who gives a flying f*ck? If you're upset that a ride only kicked major major major major ass instead of kicking major major major major major ass like everyone else says, then you're a Veruca Salt styled spoiled little brat. This is a Top 10 Status Ride. So, I wonder if I should recommend Phoenix to you? Should I really recommend that you guys ride a Top 10 Coaster? I was thinking it would be better of me to recommend Wild Beast to you guys instead. But whatever, if what I said about Phoenix makes it sounds good, then you should probably check it out.


Location: Knoebels

Opened at Playland Park in 1948

Moved to Knoebels in 1985

Built by: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters

Last Ridden: August 14, 2008

Here's my raw footage video of Phoenix.

Phoenix Photos