Orkanens Øje Review

We're here at Tivoli Friheden. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Orkanens Øje. *groan* Yep, we're reviewing a Pinfari Looper today. And to make things worse, this is one of the more painful ones. Oh joy. After getting in the trains and pulling down the OTSRs, we're off. You go around a turn and begin to climb the lifthill. We pretty much get a decent view of Tivoli Friheden, which isn’t that special to look at. But whatever, we crest the lifthill, go around a turn, and away we go. We head down the first drop. Wee!! Not that bad. Definetly the best part of the ride. We then rise up, and head down this curved drop. Yeah, you get a nice good SMACK here. OUCH!!! So anyways, down the spiral drop and INTO THE LOOP!!! Yep, it’s a Looping Pinfari, and we tumble upsidedown. Fun little loop. Hope you enjoyed that because nothing else is good about this ride. We then rise up a small hill and into a sharp turn. SLAM!!! OUCH!!! We then head around a turn, through some straight track, and then head down another little curved drop. Wee. SLAM!! We head around a banked turn to the ground before going through this tiny little banked hill. No, it’s not that fun. It’s mostly just awkward and kind of painful. The restraints on this ride are NOT smooth. It’s banked to the left, goes to normal at the top, and then banks to the other side coming down. And it hurts. SH*T!!! Down the hill, banked and immediately go into a sharp banked turn. Oh joy. Another moment of headbanging. You can see why enthusiasts love this ride so much. Head up another awkward little hill before rolling throughs some straight track, along with some trims. Yippee. Roll through this big turn, and glide into the brake run. So yeah. Orkanens Øje is a bad ride. Like all Pinfaris that aren't kiddy coasters, it feels like it was made with chewing gum and rubber bands. And this is one of the bad ones. Yeah, some of them can be mildly fun, but this one just flat out sucks. Only do this ride to credit whore.


Location: Tivoli Friheden

Opened: 1986

Built by: Pinfari

Last Ridden: June 19, 2014

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Sommerland Sjaelland

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