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Cedar Point is without a doubt, one of the most famous parks in the world. Even if you're not a roller coaster enthusiast, you have probably heard about Cedar Point due to how often it appears on the Discovery and Travel Channel. So you obviously know that is a good amusement park to go to. And yes, that is true. Cedar Point is a very nice park to visit. They have a bunch of roller coasters to ride as well as a lot of other coasters for you to ride. Now you probably are thinking of Cedar Point's main big attractions such as Top Thrill Dragster, Millenium Force, and Maverick. And yes, those are all very fun rides (Especially Maverick). But there are also many other rollercoasters and other general rides for you to ride in the park. As well as good rides, the park has a great setting right by Lake Erie. And if you're worried about crowds when at Cedar Point, we've got some good news. The lines here move REALLY FREAKING FAST!!!!!! However, the park does have a couple flaws such as it's idiotic rain policy and a very nasty ride operator despite it's flawless apperiance that it gets from telivision and the rest of the roller coaster community. However, despite it being overrated, it is still a fantastic amusement park and I would, like most enthusiasts, recommend it to any coaster enthusiast. I mean, after all, it is the roller coaster capital of the world. I'm definetly looking foreword to whenever my next visit will be (I need a lot more rides on Maverick).


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There is a link to a review of all the Rollercoasters at Cedar Point.

(Please keep in mind that there's no Corkscrew, Gatekeeper, or Valvran review as I either just didn't bother with it or it didn't exist during my last visit).

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Flat Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Flat Rides at Cedar Point. Unlike another certain rival park, Cedar Point is doing a fantastic job in both the roller coaster department and the flat ride department. Cedar Point has got all sorts of flat rides, ranging from giant modern flat rides all the way to quirky 70s flat rides. First, I'll tell you all about the flat rides that I rode while at Cedar Point. The first flat ride I'll be reviewing for you would be MaXair. Now MaXair is one of those Giant Huss Frissbees. And let me tell you something about Giant Huss Frisbees. THEY ARE FAST!!!! They're so fast you barely notice the lack of spin it has. But nobody cares. MaXair is still the best frisbee I've been on. Another really awesome flat ride that I rode during my visit to Cedar Point would be Skyhawk. Skyhawk would be a Screaming Swing. Now there are many differences between Skyhawk and the Screaming Swing at my home park, Knotts. First of all, Skyhawk is completely free. And second of all, it has a much bigger capacity as well as swinging alot higher. So natuarally, this makes for one kickass flat ride that you can ride over and over again (Provided it's not TOO crowded). I'm glad that Cedar Point invested in one of the big large seating Screaming Swings. The final flat ride that I rode while at Cedar Point would be the Derby Racer. Now the Derby Racer is a very unique flat ride that most parks don't have anymore. If you can imagine what a carousel that smoked some crack would be like, you're probably thinking of Derby Racer. I'd highly recommend riding Derby Racer if at Cedar Point. I usually doesn't have that long of a line, and you can find clones of MaXair and Skyhawk at other parks. That concludes all the flat rides that I rode at Cedar Point, but there are still many more flat rides that you can find at Cedar Point. First off, there's Power Tower. Power Tower is an S&S Combo Tower. Two of the towers are Giant Space Shots while the other two are giant Turbo Drops. For a while, Cedar Point had another drop ride known as Demon Drop, which was an Intamin 1st Generation Freefall, and as you know, those are awesome. But in 2009, Demon Drop left Cedar Point. But luckily, it is still operating at Dorney Park. Cedar Point, like so many Cedar Fair Parks, also got a Windseeker. The one at Knotts was fun, but nothing special. I'm assuming its the same at Cedar Point. Cedar Point is also home to a Chaos, an Enterprise, a Chairswings, and many other 70s style flat rides. So as you can see, Cedar Point is doing a fantastic job in the flat ride department.

Here is MaXair. Currently my favorite Frisbee.

Here is Skyhawk. The park's Screaming Swing.

And here is Derby Racer (AKA, the Carousel on crack).

Water Rides

While I never rode any water rides at Cedar Point due to the foggy wather and all the other stuff to do, Cedar Point does have a good water ride collection. Their first water ride, Snake River Falls is a giant Shoot the Chutes Water Ride. It's basically a clone of White Water Landing at Dorney Park. So it's a really fun ride that will get you VERY WET!!!!!! They've also got a river rapids ride called Thunder Canyon. I never even saw it during my visit to Cedar Point, but it sounds like fun on a hot day. And since my last visit, they got Shoot the Rapids, which sounds like a fun ride. But it did have an accident in 2013, so I'm not entirely sure of its future. And that's all that the park has for water rides. Not bad.

Water Park

While this water park isn't technically part of Cedar Point due to seperate admission, its pretty much adjacent and part of the park. I never visited Soak City, but it does look fun, even if it does seem stuck in the 70s.


While Cedar Point is doing a phenomenal job in the rollercoaster department, a very good job in the flat ride department, and a good job in the water ride department, when it comes to Dining, Cedar Point is nothing out of the ordinary. I remember during my first day, I had a hamburger over by Raptor for lunch. It was nothing special. Just an ordinary amusement park burger. The Second Day, I went to some place and got a personal pizza. Now I'm not a big fan of personal pizzas. I don't know what was wrong with it, but I just never cared that much for it. It's probably just me though. I'm sure there's more food at Cedar Point that I never bothered to check out, but really, at Cedar Point, it's all about the rollercoasters.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at Cedar Point. As far as theming goes, Cedar Point doesn't provide too much. There are some skeletons on the train ride, some western theming by Maverick, but there's really not that much theming in the park. But the park really has a kickass setting right by the shore of Lake Erie. I did manage to meet Jerry from Ben&Jerry's Ice cream at a shope in the front of the park. While I'm sure Cedar Point has some cool shows or other activities to do, but I never did any of them, because of the rushed time I had. I spent most of my time trying to get in all of the rollercoasters (And I failed). I'm sure that if Cedar Point was my home park, I could give you a full blown list of other stuff to do. But really, at Cedar Point, it's all about the Rollercoasters.

In Conclusion

Cedar Point is a completely awesome theme park to visit. As well as outstanding rollercoasters to ride such as Maverick, there are some unique flat rides such as Derby Downs, some good water rides to cool off with such as the Upcoming Shoot the Rapids ride, as well as a LOT more rides for everyone to enjoy. They have so much to do at Cedar Point that 2 days is not enough time to get everything done. And while the park does get very crowded during the summer, the lines move very fast, so it's not a living hell waiting in them like you'd expect it to be. (As long as it doesn't rain.) Despite what the Discovory and Travel Channel say, the park does have it's flaws such as it's rain policy and the Millenium Force Ride Operator, but aside from those things, this park is totally awesome. I'd recommend Cedar Point to any coaster enthusiast. (Well, I'm sure most enthusiasts dream about Cedar Point based on what the Discovory and Travel Channel says about them.)

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - No and Yes. Woodstock Express has no restrictions, but Jr. Gemini requires you to be accompinied by a child to ride. I didn't ride either, and therefor, have no review of either.


*Spend AT LEAST 2 days there (2 days wasn't even enough for me).

*The Hotels do have Early Admission (Don't expect ERT).

*Go on days that have a 0% chance of rain.


*Wear pants or shorts with zippered pockets to avoid getting a locker for Top Thrill Dragster and Millenium Force.

*Bring your smartphone. Lines will most likely be long.

*Get LOTS of rides on Maverick.

*Look out for the Millenium Force Ride Operator.

*Lines move very fast and arn't as long as you think they are.

*RUN to whatever ride you want to get on first.

*Make Maverick your first ride.

*Have Fun


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