Odinexpressen Review

We're here at Tivoli Gardens to ride Odinexpressen. You get in the cars and off you go. We go around a turn slowly, though to be fair, the turn is sort of an upward helix. This leads to some straight track, though it's a hill, and we crawl through it. Fun. We then head around another turn that's upwards, but we accelerate. Because once again, we're on a powered coaster. And just in case you forgot, powered coasters DO NOT COUNT!! We go around another turn, glide right past the trees, and then go through a little straight track, still going too slow. But hey. I can see Copenhagen now. =) We then head into a downward helix. But because it's a powered coaster, it accelerates at first, but then just goes through the rest without changing speed. It's like changing gears. We then go through the trees, down another sort of downward slope, and head straight into a downward helix and...BAM!!! It just starts flying now. GREAT!!! Now it's gonna get more fun and...now we're in the station. YAY!!! That was the ride. But because its a powered coaster, we get more goes. That first turn out of the station is actually much faster the second time around and its not until the second turn that it goes back to normal. You get three laps on Odinexpressen. Far from the best European Powered Coaster, but it is a fun little ride. Why not give it a ride if you're at Tivoli Gardens. It can't hurt.


Location: Tivoli Gardens

Opened: 1985

Built by: Mack

Last Ridden: June 15, 2014

Odinexpressen Photos