Neo's Twister Review

We're here at Power Park where we'll be riding another one of the Fabbri Spinners. Technically, this one is a different model, but riding it, it just feels like Pole Position. Once you get in the seat, the ride operator pulls down your lap bar and away you go. you climb up the first lifthill and then you go through a turn into the 2nd Part of the lifthill. It almost feels like you are a peep on RCT1 with the double lift hill. Anyways, after the 2nd part of the lifthill, you go through a bonus dip that gives us some speed. Hey, I like this bonus dip. Wish it appeared on more of these Fabbri Spinners. Now this is the part that shocked me. We actually began to spin. NO I'M SERIOUS!!! WE WERE REALLY SPINNING ON A FABBRI SPINNER!!! I know in the past, I've really complained about these things being incredibly slow and boring. But the more recent ones I've ridden not only spun, but they spun F*CKING WELL!!! Even under the impression that these can be decent rides, I was still shocked. We keep spinning through the straight track until the next turn. We then go through some more straight track before going through more switchbacks and spinning more. After that, there is a turn which is followed by an itty bitty dip. Then you go down these drops, still spinning. But now it's time for the BIG SCARY DROP!!!! The drop is totally crazy since its completely trimless and always spinning. Then you go through a turn and...HOLY SH*T!!! ANOTHER DROP!!! WHOAH!!! We then head around another turn and through a couple more dips, spinning quite well into another turn into the brake run. GOD DAMN!!! I was surprised not only by the fact that it was spinning, but just how fast it was spinning. And on top of that, it's an extended model with even more drops. So that makes it even better. Damn it! I think I like these rides now. It was a really fun ride. I'd definetly give it a ride when at Power Park. It's definetly one of the better spinning coasters.


Location: Power Park

Opened: 2011

Built by: Fabbri

Last Ridden: June 25, 2014

Neo's Twister Photos