Momonga Standing & Loop Review

We're here at Yomiuriland to ride one of the more unique coasters out there, Momonga Standing & Loop Coaster. Now if you look at this coaster alone, this looks like NOTHING special. A very standard generic roller coaster. However, one thing makes this ride special and unique. The trains. Specifically, this ride has two different trains that provide two different rides. There's the regular sit down trains, and then there's also the Togo Stand Up Trains. So yeah. You can choose to ride this ride standing up, or sitting down if you're one of the people who hates Stand Up Coasters (BOO!!! LAME!!!). We're standing up, but this review will function both for riding it standing up or sitting down. Anyways, we get in the cars. Whether you sit down or stand up is your choice (Ideally, I'd recommend riding this ride twice. One standing, and once sitting). But yeah, fasten the restraints, we move over to the main track, and we're off! We climb up the lifthill. There's not much of a view, but we do see one thing. A loop. Yep. This lifthill threads a loop. Well, we can certainly see where the Loop in Standing & Loop comes from. It's a small lifthill. So we crest the lifthill, and begin to head down the first drop. It's not a big first drop by any means, but it's still a lot of fun. And it gains us some decent speed. And now, we get to go through said loop. STANDING AND LOOP!!! OR SITTING AND LOOP!!! Again, nothing special here. Just an ordinary vertical loop. But we're still having fun here. We then head up into a helix. It's not an exciting helix by any means, but you know what, I'm still having fun. Even if this helix is fairly generic and just an excuse for more what feels like more straight track. Dip down, and head up into another turnaround. Not many laterals here, as was the case with the helix. We just cruise through, and glide right into the brake run. As a coaster, this ride is pretty lame. Honestly, I feel like this coaster is something you would build in RCT2 as a tutorial for "How to build a Stand Up Coaster". Make it have a drop, make it have a loop, and make it have a helix. And that's literally it. Really, the only thing this ride is known for is having the gimmick of getting to choose between standing up or sitting down. Sure, it may be dull both as a stand up coaster (This easily takes the cake for dullest stand up coaster I've ridden) and as a sit down coaster. But not only is is cool to ride as a novelty coaster, but it's making me think. A lot of parks are saying "F*CK OUR STAND UP COASTER!!!" Cedar Point, California's Great America, and Six Flags America ALL have turned their stand up coasters into floorless coasters. Now it was all right for those rides, since none of those were really special stand up coasters, and I liked the trend at first. But it QUICKLY got old, and now I fear that the great stand up coasters will be converted and ruined (Don't do it SFOG! Thank god SFMM has Scream for insurance). But this ride has got me thinking. What if any of the other parks considering going down the floorless route. Instead of picking a side, how about a compromise? What if you rebuilt your stations, and made it so that you could have one stand up train and one floorless train? The people who hate stand up coasters could just ride the floorless side, I wouldn't have to worry about great stand up coasters dying, and I could enjoy the floorless train as well, and everybody is happy. Momonga Standing & Loop may just be a mediocre credit only valuable for the novelty of it. But hopefully, that feature won't be so unique in the future and this coaster can inadvertantly save some great stand up coasters and make a lot of enthusiasts happy.


Location: Yomiuriland

Momonga Standing & Loop opened in 1979

The Stand Up Train was added in 1982

Built by: Togo

Last Ridden: November 8, 2018

Momonga Standing & Loop Photos