Lightning Racer Review

We're here at Hersheypark. After getting in the trains, we're off. First we go through some sort of predip sort of stuff. I'm not quite sure what it is. But it's fun for Pre Lifthill Stuff. We then see the opossing side as we begin to climb the lifthill. As we're climbing the lifthill, you take a look at the people on the other side of you. After screaming random insults at each other such as "HEY THUNDER BREATH!!!! I SLEPT WITH YOUR MOTHER!!!!!", you shake fists at each other and declare yourselves enemies. Then you can't help but angrily glare at the other side. You begin to hate everything about them. The way they dress, the way they talk, the way the ride on the wrong side of Lightning Racer. But then you get distracted by the first drop. It's a nice fun kind of twisty first drop. While it doesn't have much airtime, it is still awesome. Then we twist up into a big hill. At this point, we now realize that we are coaster racing. If you are winning, you start to cheer and start singing the winning song. If you are losing, you can't help but begin to cry. But then we forget about the coaster race and split our seperate ways. We then dip down into a drop and get a small pop of airtime. Then we rise up and turn a little. We then realize that our enemies are right there!!! And to make things better or worse, we are now about equal. We then head into a spiral drop where we then head straight into a tunnel. We see the flash of the onride camera. We know our faces will be angry as we are DETERMINED to kick the other side's ass and taste victory. We then leave the tunnel and head straight for a bunny hop. There's not much airtime. But airtime doesn't matter. All that matters is showing the opposite side who's boss. We head into a right turn and then part our seperate ways. We then rise up into a turnaround where we reaize that we are flying right past our enemies. We then dip back down into a drop where we join up with our arch nemesis. We then split up again and head straight for a bunny hop. We then rise up, turn, and rise up again. As we go down a curved drop. We see our enemies fly right by. At this point, you think to yourself "Damn! I wish I brought my banana cream pie to throw at these soon to be losers!!!" We then go through a turn and rise up into a bunny hop. At this point, we've joined our enemies in the final stretch to the finish. We then rise into a hill and dip up into the finish line!! If you won, you can sing "We are the Champions" by Queen much to the annoyance of bystanders. And if you lost, the 5 lb Hershey Bars in the World of Chocolate will help ease the pain.


Location: Hersheypark

Opened: 2000

Built by: Great Coasters International

Last Ridden: July 27, 2007

Here's our Lightning Racer Raw Footage Video.

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