Legend Review

We're here at Holiday World. Today we're going to review Legend. The 2nd Wooden Coaster in Holiday World's line up. Anyways, we get in the car and pull the lap bar and buckle your seatbelt and we're off. We roll through a long portion of straight track before we go through a turn and climb up the lifthill. This is Indiana. There's nothing to see here. So we just sit until we reach the top. We reach the top, and see the drop. We lean over and drop. Down the drop we go. Faster and faster we go off until suddenly, everything goes black. We blast through a tunnel, and just FLY OUT!!!! We are flying at some seriously high and crazy speeds. Since the drop was curved, we're also getting some great laterals. The laterals keep pouring on as we head up a curved hill. We then turn the other way and start blasting to the other side. We then dip down a small drop before going through another curved hill that not only provides us with some seriously insane laterals, but some decent airtime as well. We then head down a curved drop that continues to really pick up the speed as we just start FLYING. We soar over a small airtime hill that really has a nice pop of airtime. We then rise up a nice hill with a nice pop of airtime, before dropping down into a tunnel. Once we're in the tunnel, the laterals really start to pick up. We blast out of the tunnel, and make a sharp banked left turn before blasting to the right with an insane helix, an insane helix that blasts us right into the tunnel. We then blast out of that helix, rise up a little, and BAM!!! We just blast through another insane helix which also includes a tunnel. After that crazy helix, there are a couple of crazy turns and a nice hill that we rip through. We fly through a turn there and rise into a final turn that leads us straight into the brake run. And overall, I'd have to say that Legend is a pretty kickass ride. If you're a fan of laterals, you are going to LOVE this ride. It has some of the best sustained laterals on any roller coaster. And if laterals aren't your thing, it's still got a great sense of speed and a couple pops of airtime. While it's not quite as good as the Voyage, it's still a great wooden coaster. Do not forget to check it out.


Location: Holiday World

Opened: 2000

Built by: Custom Coasters

Last Ridden: June 27, 2018

Legend Photos