Jetline Review

We're here at Gröna Lund. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Jetline. This is the park's Schwarzkoph, and it certainly is an intersting ride. Looking at the ride from a far, it just looks a twisted mess of steel intertwined with a bunch of other coasters at Gröna Lund. And yeah, that's essentially what this ride is in a nutshell. So yeah. This should be fun. Let's hop in the cars, pull down the lapbar, and away we go. We roll out of the station and up the lifthill. However, the lifthill starts out curved. That's kind of cool and funky, though considering how tight this park is on space, it should be expected. Eventually, we turn around, still climbing the lifthill, and getting a great view of Gröna Lund and even a little bit of Stockholm. But soon enough, we reach the top, head around a turn, and start to drop. Yep. We're now heading down the first drop. Yeah, it's not very steep. But honestly, you pick up quite a bit of speed on it. Oh, and a word of caution with keeping your arms up. You do "TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!" at the bottom of this first drop, but it's a very small tunnel. And honestly, I'm afraid to have my arms up there. Partially because I've heard a couple stories of some tall dudes with their arms up, and apparently they claimed that the tips of their fingers grazed the top. Now part of me is very skeptical of this, but I do think that in European parks where they don't have cover-your-ass measures, I'm more likely to believe it. Plus, it does look like a really narrow tunnel. We then blast out of that tunnel, up another sort of incline, before heading around a curve, not a whole lot laterals, but we're just cruising, enjoying all the speed, and blasting over Twister, Kvasten, and by the Baltic Sea. We head down another incline, rise up, and then go through another turn. There's the rest of the Jetline mess of track. So far, I've just been seeing more of Twister than Jetline. We head into a midcourse brake run, but luckily that doesn't really slow us down that much. It acts more like a trim brake. And then we come into what is without a doubt, the best part of the ride. The spiral drop. Not only is it really steep, but it just bucks you around and dives to the ground. It's seriously up there as one of my favorite drops on any coaster. This without a doubt, takes the award for the best drop (On a roller coaster. Not counting drop towers) in Gröna Lund. We then head up a curved hill, rising up off the ground, just plowing through some banked straight track before we head down this sort of downward helix, before winding around another sort of curve up before heading into another mid course brake. This one sadly seemed stronger than the one before the spiral drop. This time, we head into a downward helix that just keeps going until we get pretty close to the ground before going through some sort of S thing. We go through some trims, and these are just so we can go through this turn without dealing with some BRUTAL laterals. This leads us into another downward helix before going down through another curvy bit before we get to "TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!!". We glide through a tight curve in there, getting some laterals, until BAM!!!! Into the light and the brake run. So that's Jetline. And while this just looks like a classic fun roller coaster, yeah. That's almost exactly what it is. Nothing too crazy, but just a ton of fun. And not to mention, that spiral drop is great. So definetly give Jetline a ride when you stop on by the ride at Gröna Lund.


Location: Gröna Lund

Opened: 1988

Built by: Schwarzkopf

Last Ridden: June 24, 2014

Jetline Photos