Käpt'n Jack's Wilde Maus Review

We're here at Holiday Park. Now for today's review, we'll be going back in time so that we can review the parks Wild Mouse, Holly's Wilde Auto Fahrt. Yeah, I know. The name is funny when not translated into English. Ha ha. Very funny. Anyways, they got rid of it recently, but we're here to still review it. After getting in the seats and pulling down the lap bar, you go up the lifthill. Up, up, and up you go. Near the top, if you turnaround, you can get a nice shot of the switchbacks on Holly's Wilde Auto Fahrt as well as a really nice view of Expedition Ge Force above the trees. Then once we get to the top, you get whipped around a turn and set into the switchbacks. The switchbacks are fun because those turns are just great. It really whips you. This really is up there as one of the strongest Wild Mouse coasters. Then after going through the set of switchbacks, you are set off into a nice big turn that just pins you to the side the entire time. Then you turnaround only to go through the rides biggest drop. While it's not a very big drop. It's still fun. And the fact that there's no trim brakes makes it really good. And I mean REALLY good. Then you finally meet a set of trim brakes. Hey, considering how this ride beat us around like a rag doll so far, I don't mind. Then you come through another turnaround where we head towards the end of the ride. after another small drop, we head into the extra hump. Now actually, this hump is found on many Wild Mouse rides around the world, but because Goofy's Sky School doesn't have it, it is always refered to as the extra hump that Goofy's Sky School doesn't have. The extra hump is a lot of fun and definetly something that should be on all Wild Mouses. And of course, it beats us around. And I like that. At this point, pretty much over as we turn into a final dip into the brake run. While Holly's Wilde Auto Fahrt isn't too special, I still find it as a really good Wild Mouse as the turns are flat, the drops are fun, there barely any brakes, it beats you around, and most importantly, THE EXTRA HUMP IS HERE!!!! Now this ride may no longer be at Holiday Park, but that doesn't mean that this ride is gone. It still lives on at this small little German Park called Eifelpark. It seems to be a good fit for the park, and it is one of the stronger mouse coasters, so this is a good one to save. If you're at Eifelpark, give it a ride. I mean, it's the best coaster there.


Location: Eifelpark

Opened at Dreamland in 1998

Relocated to Loudoun Castle in 2005

Relocated to Holiday Park in 2010

Relocated to Eifelpark in 2017

Built by: Maurer Sohne

Last Ridden: June 24, 2012

I have ridden this exact same ride at the following parks.

Dorney Park

Funtown Splashtown U.S.A

Hansa Park


Six Flags New England

Holly's Wilde Auto Fahrt Photos