Halfpipe Review

We're here at Särkänniemi. Today's ride we'll be reviewing is Halfpipe. Now Halfpipe is an Intamin Half Pipe (hence, the name. Way to mention that, Captain Obvious), which many people consider to be a flat ride, and not a credit. Well here, we count it as a credit. Now Halfpipe is one of the bigger half pipes (Hell, Intamin officially calls the small ones Surfriders. But I still call those Halfpipes). But that doesn't matter as it's freaking awesome. After you get in the seats, you're off. You start of slowly not going very high nor very fast, but soon, you're flying up and down the track, gaining lots and lots of speed. And not only that, but this ride spins. Honestly, I prefer the small ones, as while this one is bigger, and you notice being vertical, you don't get the insane spinning and the yank you get from the small ones. Eventually, the ride does end, and while it's a tragedy, it is still a very fun ride. I'd totally recommend it to anyone visiting Särkänniemi. It's a fun ride that's actually kind of rare.


Location: Särkänniemi

Opened: 2003

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: June 27, 2010

Halfpipe Photos