Grand Exposition Coaster Review

We're here at Silver Dollar City. For you credit whores, there's the Grand Exposition Coaster. You squeeze into the cars, and the ride op pulls down the lap bar. We start to climb the lifthill. But before we know it, we are rolling down the tiny first drop. You can easily tell that this coaster is not made for adults to ride. We then rise up a little bit and go through a sort of downward helix. This thing has some laterals. This makes the ride a little intersting. We then go through some tiny bumps and through another turn before heading back in the station. Luckily, the version at Silver Dollar City is not bad and is actually mildly enjoyable while other versions of this ride are uncomfortable peices of sh*t. But yeah, it's still just a tiny kiddy coaster. If you're a credit whore and need the credit, ride it. Otherwise, don't waste your precious time at Silver Dollar City on this.


Location: Silver Dollar City

Opened: 2006

Built by: Zamperla

Last Ridden: August 8, 2010

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