Galaxi Review

For today's review, we are heading back in time to review the Galaxi at Indiana Beach. Now for most people, this looked like nothing special. I mean, come on. Its a freaking Galaxi. Just get the damn credit and lets do something else. So you hopped in the cars, buckled your seatbelt, and you're off!!! You slowly rolled around a turn. Though you did get a nice view of Indiana Beach and got to look at Galaxi before you begin to climb the lifthill. After you climb up the lifthill, you go through another slow turn, getting a great view of Lake Shafer and as well as the rest of Indiana Beach. Then you head down the first drop. In the front, its just a fun first drop, but in the back, we got a very special surprise. AIRTIME!!!! Galaxies never have airtime, but we got some in the back seat. We then rose up a hill before we rolled through another turn. We get a great view of a couple of the crappy water slides at Indiana Beach before we drop back down another drop. We gain some more speed and go right under the first drop, which actually gave us a nice headchopper effect before we rise up a small hill where shockingly enough, we got some really good airtime. Seriously, why aren't other Galaxies this good. The one at Palace Playland is a peice of sh*t, but this was awesome. Then we went through a double helix. There's nothing particuarly exciting about this part of the ride. It doesn't gain much speed or have many laterals, but its just so damn fun. I loved it and I loved having fun on this helix with friends. We then rose up a small little hill, but unfortunetly, theres a nasty trim here. LAME!!!!!!! We go through a small dip before rolling through another double helix. This one isn't nearly as fun as we start off much slower. But still, its a lot of fun. After gaining some speed from the double helix, we go through a slight turn, go through a dip, and go around a turn and get some laterals before rolling into the final brakes. While not one of the best rides ever, It was the best of its kind and was just a really fun ride. Hopefully the other Galaxis are this good.


Location: Indiana Beach

Opened: 1971

Died: 2013

Built by: S.D.C

Last Ridden: August 12, 2010

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Palace Playland

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