Full Throttle Review

We're here at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Full Throttle. Six Flags Magic Mountain's large launched coaster and a very interesting ride. After we get in the train, buckle the pointless seatbelt, and pull down the lap bars, we're off! We launch right out of the station and to be honest, this launch isn't that powerful. Now don't get me wrong. Its a fun and all. But when you see how short the launch track is and how fast it has to go, you'd think it'd have a little bit more of a kick to it. But whatever. Its not Xcelerator. I get it. We launch up to 70 mph and then we soar straight into the bigass loop. This is part of the ride that they keep hyping up in the marketing for Full Throttle. "ITS SO EXTREME!!! ITS GOT THE BIGGEST LOOP IN AMERICA (The world at the time of opening)!!! YEAH!!!" And though I had my doubts, this loop is pretty awesome. Because this loop is so massive, it produces some SERIOUSLY wicked hang time. It literally feels like you're upsidedown for a few seconds because its just such a big loop and you're going slow at the top. It almost feels like a carnival ride at this point. So if you're really into hang time, then Full Throttle already has something really great for you. =) Ok, we soar down from the loop and gain a lot of our speed back. We then go through some nice sweeping curves up Magic Mountain. I was hoping that these turns were gonna contain some sick laterals when watching the video, so this part of the ride dissapointed me as I was hoping for better right here. We soar right over the entrance to Superman and head straight into the Dive Loop. Again, it kind of looks like a flying snake dive off the ride, but there's no point in comparing it to Storm Runner as Full Throttle doesn't need to get its ass kicked severely, so we won't even go there. But on the plus side, it may not be crazy, but it's still a fun inversion. We then rapidly brake in a tunnel and come to a halt. No, the ride isn't broken. It's supposed to do that. You then hear Ozzy Osborne shout "All Aboard!" from his hit song "Crazy Train" and then we launch up backwards. This was the part of the ride that I was most critical about when it first came out. I called it stupid, gimmicky, a disruption to the pace of the ride, and going to cause a sh*tload of technical problems. And yeah, it's gimmicky. But honestly, this backwards launch is fun. And honestly, I haven't seen many technical problems caused by it. It doesn't even feel like its disrupting anything. It feels so natural to stop there and do the backwards launch. I take back all the bad stuff I said about it before. So yeah, you launch backwards, fall back forewords and get launched again. This third launch is very cool. Kind of reminds me of Speed where we go and get that extra kick of speed from that second launch. So yeah, we blast out of the tunnel, go around another curve and head up a big hill. We head up it and get a nice little pop of ejector air. And yeah, the fact that we're right on top of the loop is pretty cool. We then head down the big drop at the end as well as the brake run. People were wondering if this element was gonna still be fun or if the brake run would kill it like on Kingda Ka. And some good news. Its still fun. You get ejected out of your seat, and mid-ejector air, you hit the brakes. So you get ejected out of your seat but not yanked back into your seat. You just slowly fall back into your seat at the bottom of the hill when you've completely slowed down. Some people don't like it as it's kind of hard on your thighs, and it's nothing too crazy, but its fun. You know, that sort of sums up Full Throttle all together. Nothing too crazy, but it's fun. If you're at Six Flags Magic Mountain and the line is not too long, I'd give it a ride as it is a fun ride with not too much out there like it. *Sigh* I miss Log Jammer.


Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Opened: 2013

Built by: Premier

Last Ridden: February 4, 2020

Here's my raw footage video of Full Throttle.

Full Throttle Photos