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Flagermusen Review

All right. We're here at Fårup Sommerland, where we're going to review Flagermusen. The park's spinning mouse. We get into our cars and away we go. We roll through a turn and through some straight track and then head up the lifthill. You head off the lifthill and into a turn. And of course, as we're rolling through the upper set of switch backs, theres no spinning. Typical. Usually these things don't spin until the second half. Same old spinning mouse, as usual. After the switchbacks, you head into a small drop and back up the small hill. This is fun. We then head into the biggest drop of the ride. We gain some speed as we dip to the ground. We then head into some double up thing which sadly, but not suprisingly, has no airtime. We then jolt around another turn and head into the second set of switchbacks. And this is where we start spinning. But here, the spinning is bad. I mean, its not THAT bad. It's certainly better than the spinning mouse at Tivoli Friheden. But most other Spinning Mice are better than this. We're spinning, but its not that dizzying. And damn it!!! I wanna get dizzy!!! We then go through the final little dip and bump. This is where the ride really starts to get spinning. But unfortunetly after that, we rise up and turn into the final brakes. This is NOT one of the better spinning mice coasters. Eh. Its not a bad coaster, I can think of many others that are so much worse. It's just that there are so much more fun stuff at Fårup Sommerland (It doesn't even have to be a coaster) that you can definetly skip this and you won't be missing too much. Give it a ride if you're interested in Spinning Mice or are a credit whore. But don't feel bad if you miss it.


Location: Fårup Sommerland

Opened: 2001

Built by: Reverchon

Last Ridden: June 20, 2014

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