Firehawk Review

We're here at Kings Island. Today's ride we'll be reviewing is Firehawk. Once you strap yourself in, the ride gets into flying position, and away you go!!! You roll around a turn and then begin to climb the lifthill. Now during that turn, I would warn you. The sun is going to shine directly in your face and it will freaking blind you. But luckily, once you reach the lifthill, it's all good from there. Since you are climbing up the lifthill backwards, you can't see when you reach the top, which increases the levels of excitement you experience on the ride. Then suddenly, you start to level out and just see the sky, this means you are going backwards again. But don't worry about that. Then you simply just flip over, and are going forewords again. Now we've reached the B&M Flyer position. Then you move onto the first drop. The first drop is really good. It really makes it look like you're diving straight towards the ground. It also provides us with plenty of speed. Then we head straight into an overbanked turn. This is a really fun part of the ride and does make it seem like you're flying. Too bad your view sucks, but oh well. Still flying low to the ground, we then head straight into a big turn. So far, it's just a normal turn, but suddenly, we notice something weird. We're on our backs going backwards again. Yep. There's a half inline twist in this turn. So that provides us with some fun. Anyways, you then head down into one of the best parts of the ride. The Loop. Now while I will admit that I prefer Pretzal Loops to regular vertical loops on flying coasters, that real loops still kick ass and provide a different feel on a flying coaster than on a normal coaster. It sort of just has a weird feel to it that rocks. Anyways, we then head into another turnaround that flips us back on our stomachs facing foreword. We then head back towards the ground with plenty of speed. This just leads us to another turnaround that while doesn't flip us, is still very fun. But don't worry about the lack of flipping, for before you know it, it's off into a double inline twist for you!! This as always is lots of fun because inline twists are fun that way. After that bit of excitement, we just head straight into a downward helix. Now this certainly isn't an intense fake helix of death, but it's still fun, and actually kind of relaxing. Nothing special, just a fun helix. But unfortunetly, after that, we then have to later flip back on our backs and head into the brakes. So just how was Firehawk? Well despite many people bitching and complaining about the Vekoma Flyers, I really liked them. In fact, this used to be my favorite coaster at Kings Island prior to their B&Ms being built. Unfortunetly, it always has a long line due to capacity and popularity, so I'd recommend riding it, but only in the morning before all the crowds come and fill up the line with hour long waits.


Location: Kings Island

Opened at Geauga Lake in 2001.

Moved to Kings Island in 2007.

Built by: Vekoma

Last Ridden: June 28, 2018

Here's my raw footage video of Firehawk.

Firehawk Photos