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And now, here comes the whole reason I flew out here. (Aside from Amish Pretzals.)

The Washington Monument.

Yes, we're going to go up to the top of that!

It looks like a large phallic object in this photo.

In this veiw in the Washington monument, you can see the white house.

In this veiw in the Washington monument, you see buildings.

In this veiw in the Washington monument, you see the reflecting pool where everyone commited mad suicide in Southpark.

In this veiw in the Washington monument, you can see the Jefferson Memorial, but we'll get there later.

Belive it or not, this is inside the elevators of the Washington Monument.

Alisa and Kinsey recommend the Washington Monument for any DC tourists!

I was so thirsty that I drank the other fountain! Isaac drank this one after the pic was taken!

The Pentagon is actually a mall unlike the Bourse Mall!

Dammit! I keep on missing!

Here the Jefferson looks greek.

But from here, it looks like a dome.

I'm Thomas Jefferson. I'm bigger than you. To me, You're about as small as Disneylands castle.

Here is the Korean Memorial.

I know what I want to do!

I see a gumball machine! I want my quarter back!

My ass hurts after sitting in this chair for more than 100 years.

OH MY GOD! Theres a monster in the Washington Monument!

I live here.

Here is the remains of George Washington.

Mt Vernon is next to a river.

This house looks cool.

I'm Crazy Psyco Isaac! Gimme some candy!

This was Camerons other favorite part of the trip!

I spy with my little eyes, a tombstone.

Lets get this show on the road boys!

This is our nations capital.

This is the nice side of the capitol building!

And this is the ghetto side!

Deer on a tree.

Back off! I'm armed!

Crazy Isaac has captured the soul of another victem!

Lets play Limbo with the slinkey!

Thats too normal, instead lets tie it to the tree!

Help me I'm stuck! (We left without him!)

Oh yeah, before we left DC, we went to the Air & Space Museum. They had a good simulator.