Dragon Review

We're here at Legoland California where's we'll be revewing their Roller Skater. Dragon. Now, I like these rides. And this is without a doubt, one of the more unique ones that got made. Primarily because this one is also part dark ride. Ooh. I am indeed intrigued. =) Anyways, lets get moving. We pull down the lap bar, and we're off. We head down a small dip and into the castle. We head around a turn and are inside the kitchen. We see a fat housewife beating the chef because DAMMIT!!! SHE WANTED BUTTER ON THOSE ROLLS!!! We then head into the next room. A lego dude is waving around his sword. Gee, compensating for something there buddy? =) Right across the room, the King and Queen are discussing buisness and discussing the recent crisis of how their Lego Kingdom is crumbling. We then head into the dungeon and there's this Lego Wizard who looks really worried. Come on dude, you couldn't have screwed up that bad. Oh wait, you just released a dragon, dooming us all. Yeah, you f*cked up badly Mr. Lego Wizard. We then head out of the castle and climb the lifthill, and go down the curved first drop. Wee!! We've got a little speed now. We go around a curved drop and head around this upward curve before heading in a downward helix. Not intense, but it is a lot of fun. No doubt about that. We meander around a couple more S Curves, just cruising. Because hey. It is a kiddy coaster after all. We then head into a downward helix, gain a little speed, rise up, and glide into the brake run. Hey, it may not be the most intense Roller Skater ever, but it really is just a fun ride and a perfect fit for Legoland California.


Location: Legoland California

Opened: 1999

Built by: Vekoma

Last Ridden: December 7, 2012

Dragon Photos