Dragon Review

We're here at Legoland Billund to ride Dragon. Yep. Every Legoland has their own Dragon ride. And sadly, this one doesn't count as a credit. This a powered coaster. BOO!!! LAME!!! But hey. It works for the park. Not a big deal. We get in the cars and head off. It starts out completely as a dark ride. We roll past a couple of the guards. Just smiling, holding a big axe. The morons just let us roll right through. You'd swear their brain was made of legos or something. =P We then are welcomed by the court jester. There's no need for him to entertain us as we get to watch two lego dudes sword fight one another. Lego blood will be spilt tonight. We then see a royal dinner, complete with a bear. Hey, if the grizzly bears are in our schools, then it's only a matter of time before they infultrate our royal dinners. Considering the monsters in charge, please eat them Mr. Bear. We then pass the chef, and he is pissed at us. Well, I'm sorry dude. Your lego food sucks. It sucks lego balls. And there's your lego wife, about to beat you with a spoon again. You humilated her for the last time. We roll past a bunch of barrels of lego beer, but despite not drinking it, we see a lego wizard, sharing a drink with a lego dragon. Uh...I guess we did drink some of it. Maybe to wipe away the imagery of the Lego Chef being beaten by his wife. OK, we're now in the dungeon and some lego dudes are being tortured. Sh*t. We're screwed. And sure enough, here comes the lego dragon. Yeah. It's bad folks. It's really bad. We roll around a turn, see the lego wizard, and...begin to accelerate gradually. Does this ride have a launch? If so, it's an incredibly weak launch. We then are outside. Oh yeah. There's no launch. It's just a powered coaster. It's not a credit. We get some speed, and then head into a helix to the ground. TAKE THE ROCK TUNNEL!!! Yeah. That's fun. We then slow down and head into an upward helix, only to...speed up at the top. Yeah. Roller coasters don't do this. We then slow down, and cruise around a turn and back into the station. If you care about credits, there's no point in riding since it doesn't count. But if you like the other Dragons for what they are and want a fun family ride with a cute dark ride begenning, this is a fun ride to ride.


Location: Legoland California

Opened: 1997

Built by: Mack

Last Ridden: June 18, 2012

Dragon Photos