Dominator Review

We're here at Kings Dominion where we're going to be reviewing their floorless coaster, Dominator. And we're in for a treat today since...Dominator is the best B&M Floorless Coaster. After doing the majority of them, this still is the best one! =) Anyways, after getting into the car and pulling down the shoulder harnesses, the floor drops and you are out of the station. The ride starts out with a fairly big dip out of the station before assecending a lift hill. Up and Up we climb. Not much of a view, but hey. You can see I305, the Eiffel Tower, and other rides out in the distance. Then we reach the top. We twist down to the right and plummet to the ground. Faster, and faster, we eventually reach our maximum speed. By this time, we are seriously hauling ass. Then we soar right up into a bigass loop. You get some pretty sweet hangtime at the top of the loop. Then you start to gain a lot of speed and plummet straight down to the ground. After going through that huge loop, you get whipped through a high speed turn. While the laterals aren't Wild Mouse intense, they are pretty good for a B&M Coaster. After zipping through that high speed turn, you roar straight into an overbanked turn (OK, it's not an overbanked turn, but you get the idea). After plowing through it and getting some more laterals, you drop back down and rise up into a Cobra Roll. We rise upsidedown once, twist to the left. Twist back upsidedown to the right and come out the same way you entered. Then we rise up to a gradual turn where we rise up to the left and head straight for the mid course brakes. The way Dominator goes through them, you'd think that it was just some straight track. We then get a nice pop of airtime before dropping off the mid course brakes and head straight to the first corkscrew. We get yanked to the side as we plow through the first corkscrew. Then we get yanked to the other side as we fly through a turnaround giving us some pretty good lateral Gs. Then it's time for corkscrew #2. We twist right on through before twisting up to the right, and making a quick turn to drop back down. There we go through a final ground hugging turn, then you turn to the other side, before rising up into the brake run. And you get airtime on that hill into the brake run. I've managed to get A LOT of rides on Dominator, both at Geauga Lake and at Kings Dominion. And it is just great. If you are ever at Kings Dominion, I would HIGHLY recommend riding Dominator.


Location: Kings Dominion

Opened at Geauga Lake in 2000

Moved to Kings Dominion in 2008

Built by: B&M

Last Ridden: July 28, 2019

Here's my raw footage video of Dominator (Geauga Lake).

Dominator (Kings Dominion) Photos

Dominator (Geauga Lake) Photos