Comet Review

For this review, we are going to be reviewing Comet @ Hersheypark. After getting in the trains and lowering the buzz bars, we're off! We roll through a turn (I think) before heading straight for the lifthill. Once we reach the top, we get a nice view of SuperDooperLooper if we look to our left. We then fall down the drop. While we don't get any airtime, it's still a nice fun first drop. While we're at the bottom of the first drop, we cross the river in Hersheypark. However, most people don't notice because we're going too fast and having too much fun. We then rise up into a turnaround. During this turnaround, we get a nice view of Hersheypark and of Great Bear. We then drop back down and are off on our way again. We then go through a bunny hop. Now this isn't the "OMFG!!!" type of bunny hop that you would find on Phoinex or Coaster. But it's still fun. Then we rise up into another turnaround. While it's not an amazing turnaround with extreme laterals, it's still enjoyable and provides a nice view of Hersheypark. We then drop back down. Then we rise up into another hill. But then we do some sort of funky curve to the right type of drop. During this part of the ride, you're surrounded by trees. We then go through a couple really small bunny hops at an angle before rising up into a small turnaround. However, instead of dropping out of it, we curve to the ground in a sort of curve drop. Then we go through a series of tiny little bunny hops. While going through these, we seem to go through some sort of curve. Then we make a turn under the ride's structure. Then we go through two last bunny hops before rising into the curved brake run with the roof over our heads. While this is a fun wooden coaster and I'm happy that it lasted all these years, I have to admit that it's my least favorite of the three Hersheypark Woodies. And due to the ride's location, it gets a long line and doesn't have that good of operations. I'd still recommend riding this if you're at Hersheypark as it is a solid ride.


Location: Hersheypark

Opened: 1946

Built by: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters

Last Ridden: July 27, 2007

Comet Photos