Coaster Review

Today, we'll be heading over to PNE Playland where we'll be reviewing Coaster. While at first glance, one might pass over Coaster as just another typical old boring wooden coaster. WRONG!!!!!!! WRONG AS WRONG CAN BE!!!!!!!!! This is one of the best wooden coasters ever ridden by Incrediblecoasters. No joke. This is in the upper half of our Top 10 Wooden Coasters. So we are really in for a treat today. After getting in the seats and pulling down the lap bar, we're off!!!! We roll around a large turn and get a good view of the people in line. They glare with envy while we squeal with delight. We're on one of the greatest wooden coasters ever. We then start to climb the lifthill. To our left, we get a good look at PNE Playland, while to our right, we get to see the amazingness that we will be experiencing soon. After that, we head down the first drop. Now on the first drop, it's nothing special. Just an ordinary first drop on a wooden coaster. Hell, we don't even get much speed. Though at this point, it is easy to doubt all the good stuff that people have said about Coaster, or reenforce our initial thoughts about Coaster being nothing special. But don't worry. Everything will get better. We then rise up a hill and head into the first turnaround. Not very thrilling, but at least you get a good view. Now afterwards, we drop out of the turnaround. Now as we head down this drop, we get a really sweet and strong pop of ejector air that brings a really big smile to our face. It is at this point that we realize that this is going to be a f*cking amazing experience. Well ladies and gentleman, this is only the beginning. That pop was nothing compared to what Coaster has in store for you. We then rise up another big airtime hill that provides with some pretty strong floater air, though by Coaster's standards, these are Positive Gs. After that, we head into another turnaround. We start to notice it, but before we can put the peices of the puzzle together, it happens. MAJOR LATERAL Gs!!!!!!!!! Yep, if you thought Coaster only had Insane Ejector Air, think again. It also has INSANE LATERALS!!!!!! You just get SLAMMED to the side like a scrambler on steroids on super steroids. However, the laterals lay off and we get a breather. Or what we assume is a breather. For this is only Coaster preparing to go into Level 2 Craziness. We then see the drop. We squeal with delight like a child on Christmas Morning as we approach it. And then, it happens. Coaster just dives down from underneath us, literally leaving us floating until it just yanks us down with just so much delight. Such good ejector air. Such good ejector air. This is the point where Allie just screamed "OH MY GOD!!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!!!?". After that, we then head through another low to the ground turnaround, which provides with some really strong laterals to go with our insane airtime. After that, we head up into another bunny hop. Going up is fine and all, but coming back down gives us one nice juicy pop of extreme ejector air. Then we are slammed with another crazy set of positive Gs that even made my video camera glitch. Yeah, they may not be Maverick strong, but this is some hard core sh*t right here. Now we've come to the final stretch. The parts of the ride that are tiny. Normally, this is a sign that things are starting to wind down and we're wrapping it all up folks. However with Coaster, we're just starting to enter Level 3 Craziness. We then get EJECTED out of the turnaround. And right as our asses fall down and hit the seat, they just get FLUNG OUT again through some pretty insane ejector air. However, after that bunny hop, we just get FLUNG OUT!!!!! It is insane. We then get slammed around through a final set of laterals. After this, Coaster finally starts to wrap itself up with a couple cool down bunny hops that provide mild floater air before hitting the final brake run. And that ladies and gentlemen, is the amazingness of Coaster. Clearly Top 10 Material (And we've ridden the beautys of Intamin and Rocky Mountain Coasters). Now get your asses out to Vancouver and ride Coaster. It is worth it. It is f*cking worth it.


Location: PNE Playland

Opened: 1958

Built by: Carl E. Phare

Last Ridden: July 12, 2009

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