Canyon Blaster Review

We're here at Six Flags Magic Mountain. For credit whoring, there's Canyon Blaster. After you barley squeeze in the cars, you climb up the lift hill. Then you head down the curving first drop. It's a really nice first drop (For a kiddy coaster). Then you go over the first hill. Then you go into a kiddy turnaround. That actually has a couple of lateral Gs and then comes the best part of the ride. The BUNNY HOPS!!! These are actual bunny hops that give you ACTUAL AIRTIME AND ACTUAL LATERAL Gs!!! I'm being serious!!! If you're a credit whore, I'd totally ride this!!! They don't have a kid requirement, so you're safe here!! =)


Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Opened: 1999

Built by: Miler Coasters

Last Ridden: May 29, 2018

Canyon Blaster Photos