Bazooka Bowls Review

For this review, we're going to travel back in time to 2011, which was my last visit to Wild Rivers. We'll be reveiwing Bazooka Bowls, one of the parks star attractions. Now Bazooka Bowls was actually pretty different from all the other waterslides at Wild Rivers for two reasons. Reason #1. It was the only body slide in the entire park to not be made of rubber. Reason #2. It was the only slide at Wild Rivers that is a clone of a basic ride. But since the ride itself is so fucking awesome, It still fits in well with the park. Anyways, as you walked up to the complex, we had the choice to get in line for either Patriot, or Bazooka Bowls. Since this is a Bazooka Bowls Review, we will be getting in line for Bazooka Bowls. Once you get to the top of the slide. You just stand there, starring into the blackness of the blue slide, waiting for the signal to go. Once it's clear, we head down the slide. We rapidly accelerate in the dark, as we now know that we have past the point of no return. Then once you fly out into the bowl, we hit the bowl with a loud KER-THUMP!!!!! If you have a fear of getting your back scratched on your local speed slide such as Venom Drop, then you'll have a problem with Bazooka Bowls as it is MUCH harder on your back than any other speed slide, but it's SO TOTALLY worth it as you fly around the bowl multiple times at Incredible forces. This ladies and gentelmen, this was TRUE HELIX OF DEATH!!!!!!! Not a fake helix of death like every other helix of death out there. This is THE HELIX OF DEATH!!!! There was NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT!!! =( (Except for the hundreds of Bazooka Bowl Clones around the world.) After swirling arund and around in the bowl, you simply got flushed out through the hole in the bowl. Now, you can come out in any position. Sometimes, you plop in sitting down, sometimes, your on your side. and sometimes your head first. After plopping in the pool, you swim out until the shallow water where you can get out and get back in line. I miss Bazooka Bowls and want to ride one of its clones very soon.


Location: Wild Rivers

Opened: I honestly don't know

Built by: ProSlide

Last Ridden: July 18, 2011

Bazooka Bowls Photos