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    Sea World San Diego 2018

    After a 5 year gap, we have returned to Sea World San Diego. One of the more underrated parks in California. On top of their brand new 2018 roller coaster, Electric Eel, also be sure to check out the new Orca Encounter, Manta Goodness, and just check out all the animals of the park in this update.

    Knotts Summer 2018

    Yes! After two non-coaster updates, we're back to roller coasters at Incrediblecoasters. And today, we're here at Knotts Berry Farm for all sorts of various visits that we took over the summer. Check out some more of their cool new ride HangTime, some fun in Ghost Town, Soak City, some intersting food, and more in this fun update.

    Tule River 2018

    I know this is yet another non-coaster update, but it's still a fun update. We go back to Tule River, in an attempt to do more cliff jumping. But on top of that, check out some nature fun, tall trees, and even some bears.

    Hawaii 2018

    Another major trip is here, and now, we're off to Hawaii. Yeah, this isn't a roller coaster update, but it's still a lot of fun. And we do some non-coaster updates on the site from time to time. Check out some cliff jumping, some sea turtles, the beach, alcohol, and more in this tropical update.

    Mini Midwest Trip 2018 - Kings Island

    Sadly, the Mini Midwest Trip is coming to a close, we still have one more park to check out. Kings Island. One of the larger Cedar Fair parks, this park has added a lot in the past decade since my last visit, including 2 B&Ms and a GCI. Check all that out, see some old classics, classic Cincinatti Chilli, and figure out what's in the shed. =)

    Mini Midwest Trip 2018 - Holiday World

    After a fun morning at Kentucky Kingdom, the day continues at Holiday World, one of the last major independent parks in the country, and a favorite with coaster enthusiasts. Check out some great wooden coasters, the best B&M Wing Rider, some of the best water slides ever, and more in this update.

    Mini Midwest Trip 2018 - Kentucky Kingdom

    The Mini-Midwest continues on as we now visit one of the few parks in the country we had yet to visit. Kentucky Kingdom. This park, which recently rose from the dead continues to live pn, featuring two new highly praised coasters. Check that out as well as a little bit of bonus Kings Island time in this update.

    Mini Midwest Trip 2018 - Cedar Point

    All right. Our first big trip of the year is here. As you all know, Cedar Point opened up Steel Vengeance this year, which as you've probably noticed, is one of the best coasters ever, and everyone is flocking to Cedar Point, including us. So we're back in the Midwest, checking out some parks we've visited and enjoyed (as well as a new one), and we're starting out at the one that drove us out here, Cedar Point. So on top of Steel Vengeance (amazing ride), we also check out some of the B&Ms they've added since my last visit, return to some our old favorites, and just explore Cedar Point. You also can check out a lot of the Henry Ford Museum and even a little pre-airport fun, as we explore it all in this monster of an update. =D

    HangTime Opening Day

    A major coaster just opened up in Southern California, and we're here to check it out. That's right. HangTime has officially opened at Knotts Berry Farm. Check out this review where we showcase Knotts brand new 2018 coaster, and see cool photos, our official HangTime review, as well as some other fun in this small update.

    Spring SFMM 2018

    We've taken a few visits to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and we figured that it's time that we did an update highlighting these visits. Check out some great coasters, like X2 and Twisted Collosus, as well as Lex Luthor with VR, some people embarassing themselves credit whoring, and one of the best resteraunts in Valencia.