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    Six Flags Magic Mountain Summer 2017

    We're back at Six Flags Magic Mountain for another update full of visits we took over the summer, as well as a couple from the Spring and Fall. Check out all the cool new stuff that the park has added, including a freaking dark ride that's actually really good, Justice League. Check that out, some cool fun at Hurricane Harbor, some rides on great coasters, and much more.

    Särkänniemi Review

    Check out our official review of Särkänniemi. Definetly one of the more intersting parks in Europe, with some good roller coasters, and all sorts of other interesting attractions and things to do in the park. Check it all out in our review of the park.

    Knotts Summer 2017

    We're back up at Knotts Berry Farm for the visits we took over the visit. They actually added a few new things for 2017, and we're here to check them out. Check out the first Top Scan in So-Cal, a cool new BBQ resteraunt, some really fun water slides over at Soak City, and even see the final peices of Boomerang track.

    Power Park Review

    Check out our official review of Power Park. This park may not get a ton of attention due to its remote location in Northern Finland, fairly close to the Arctic Circle. But this fun little park has some really cool stuff, including a really fun GCI, some really crazy flat rides, and even a real legit kart-racing track. Check it all out in this park review.

    Nor Cal 2017

    We're back up in Northern California, and we're pretty much doing everything up here in Northern California. Check out this report as we check out the new additions to California's Great America & Six Flags Discovory Kingdom, we finally hit the one park in California we hadn't visited, as well as check out some other stuff up here that we really enjoyed.

    Gröna Lund Review

    Check out our official review of Gröna Lund. One of the most famous parks in Europe, located right off the coast of the Baltic Sea in the middle of Stockholm. It may be a small park, but it packs so much, building everything on top of one another, including some great coasters and much more. Check it all out in this park review.

    Silverwood/Lagoon Road Trip - Lagoon

    All right. The road trips and we're back at one of the most underrated parks in the country. Lagoon. Seriously, this place is freaking awesome. Check out Cannibal, Wicked, Collosus Fire Dragon, and all sorts of other fun stuff at Lagoon. Also be sure to see some fun in Zion National Park and a fun Vegas water park as well.

    Silverwood/Lagoon Road Trip - Silverwood

    All right. We're off on another Incrediblecoasters Mini-Road Trip, where we explore some new stuff as well as revisit some old familiar places. This update showcases one of the few parks in the U.S we have yet to visit, Silverwood. Check out DejaVu, some really underrated woodies, a suicide night to get there, bison, and lots of nature as we also explore two National Parks in the update as well.

    Skara Sommerland Review

    Our official review of Skara Sommerland. This little park isn't really well known by other enthusiasts aside from the fact that they have a unique and quirky coaster. But that is a really fun ride and the park has plenty more to offer, including a really cool waterpark.

    Liseberg Review

    Check out our official review of Liseberg. One of the most popular parks in Europe and see reviews of one of the best wooden coasters in the world, some other really cool coasters, and a whole lot more Liseberg has to offer in this review..