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    JAPAN 2018!!! - Hamanako Pal Pal

    Our next park in Japan is a park that doesn't get very much love from other coaster enthusiasts who travel to Japan. For today, we're at Hamanako Pal Pal. This park doesn't get much love, but they do have a certain Togo Coaster that may look terrible and painful, but is actually a lot of fun. Check that out as well as a lot of other quirky fun in this Japanese park.

    JAPAN 2018!!! - Sea Paradise

    Today in Japan, we're checking out one of the more intersting parks. Sea Paradise. This park may not have many rides, but they do have a cool coaser, some animals, and one of the best drop towers on the planet. Check all that out and even explore an art museum as well.

    JAPAN 2018!!! - Yomiuriland

    Today's park in Japan is Yomiuriland. A decent sized park with some really fun and quirky rides. Check out those really fun rides, as well as all sorts of amazing pretty Christmas lights, a pretty temple, a drum museum, as well as other more fun stuff.

    JAPAN 2018!!! - Tokyo Dome City

    Today in Japan, we're back at Tokyo Dome City to check out their one coaster. Thunder Dolphin. See how one of the most scenic Intamin Hypers is. On top of that, check out the tallest tower in the world, as well as more random fun around the city of Tokyo.

    JAPAN 2018!!! - Tokyo Joypolis

    Today in Japan, we're exploring one of the most unique and coolest indoor parks. Tokyo Joypolis. Check out some great simulators, one of the strangest coasters ever, attempts to go to even more theme parks, as well as come cute hedgehogs from the hedgehog cafe.

    Knotts Boysenberry Festival 2019

    It's that time of year again. Yep, the Boysenberry Festival has returned once again to Knotts Berry Farm and we're here to check out all the delicious things they have to offer this year. Check out some old school favorites, as well as some great new food items, a few roller coasters, and even see a cross promotion Knotts did with a certain chain. ;)

    JAPAN 2018!!! - Fuji-Q Highlands

    The day has come. It's Fuji-Q day. This is a park that has a ton of good coasters, but at the same time, horror stories about bad operations have really cast a bad reputation on the park. Are the horror stories about the operations true? Did we get all of the credits today? Did we get at least the four major coasters? Are they great rides or overrated? All of these questions will be answered in our big Fuji-Q Update.

    JAPAN 2018!!! - Tobu Zoo

    Well, the Osaka part of the trip is over, and we now head up into Tokyo, where we'll be checking out Tobu Zoo. Check out another amazing Intamin Mega-Lite, the only wooden coaster of this trip, a cool Christmas Festival, and even spend a lot of time exploring the geek capital of Tokyo, Akihabara.

    JAPAN 2018!!! - Hiroshima & Kyoto

    We've loved all the parks visited in Japan so far. Universal Studios Japan, Parque Espana, and Nagashima Spaland have all been great. But we also want to explore the country itself and see some cool non-coaster stuff, just be tourists. So we're checking out 2 famous cities. Hiroshima & Kyoto. Check out a forest made from bamboo, super fluffy pancakes, a place that we nuked, a temple made completely out of gold, and a lot more cool stuff in this update.

    JAPAN 2018!!! - Nagashima Spaland

    We're here at Nagashima Spaland. One of the biggest parks in Japan with some of the biggest coasters in the country. Check out this update and check out Morgan's only giga coaster, a crazy S&S FreeSpin, some classic Schwarzkophs, several other quirky unique rides, and check out some other things for some Halloween fun.